Real Pitbull Puppies

Yes puppies!   Everyone loves them and is so great to start with the as babies !! Our puppies are full of energy and can please those who want the purest of the real American Pit Bull Terrier ! Every pit bull in the world by the history of the breed has ancestors in the last that were used for dog fighting. Today our dogs have the most selected best quality of the best APBT in history. However our dogs are not use for dog fighting, nor are sold for that purpose. So please don’t call me for any none senses. We want great quality humans to own our puppies, Doctors, Engineers, Professionals, Business owners, Professional Athletes, Hard working men that are looking to invest in the real and purest of the best quality of the American Pit Bull Terrier.  Contact Chico Lopez Direct 281-226-0370.

We are located in Brasil South America, yet our Texas number is the one I have for over 20 years.

By Whatsapp, you can contact me at my local number. +5571-98839-8989 and +1806-500-5552

By email

  1. UPDATED on 02-07-2019Great news friends, We have puppies born at two locations, and more to come. 1) Brasil, 2) Ukraine
    1. The two localisations have great dogs from my breeding program. USA people get a great shipping price from Brasil. People in Europe Can Pick up pups directly in Kiev, or have them shipped from either Brasil or Kiev Ukraine.
    2. We have males and females of 3 months available in Kiev from Awesome Mayday and from Champion Athos.
    3. Great breeding already made in Brasil:  1) Awesome Mayday x Super Copperday,  2) Awesome Mayday x Tiger Lilly, 3) Awesome Mayday x Cholomeña  4) THE BAGMAN x  Jawbreaker, 5) THE BAGMAN x Lady Buck, 6) THE BAGMAN x Gypsy Rose.
    4. You must qualify to buy a puppy, you must have a deposit in place to have one. Most of our puppies sell before they are born.
    5. We are connecting greater people to the greatest family of dogs in history. We are having great success, as our clients are satisfied and happy. Most of them are coming back for more and more puppies.
    6. In any given day I will decline 10 to 20 plus people ready to buy our puppies. It is a call center, and I love to be able to qualify my buyers. We doing something never done in history at this level.
    7. Great people are buying our dogs, from professional athletics, superstars, and great humans. NO BREEDERS, NO DOGGERS, NO DOG FIGHTERS.
    8. In heat right now, Capivara, Millenia Trump
    9. All information, details are by a direct phone call +1-281-226-0370 or WhatsApp +5571-98839-8989
  2.    In Kiev Ukraine, we have Males and females from:
    1) Awesome Mayday x Red Sparrow ( Males and Females)
    2) Champion Athos x Igla ( Males and Females)
    3) Champion Athos x Honey Badger ( Waiting to drop )
    4) Bagman Pups of 7 months to OUTCROSSES

DEAR FRIENDS  as of June 23rd -2018  Brasilia Brasil.

Today I find a great pleasure to write these lines.  Meeting and selecting the best buyers to own my hard work has been a journey.  To get the videos, picture and get the phone calls full of happiness is an unexpected wonderful feeling. Why?  Because for many years I never sold to the public and since a few months ago I decided to sell to those great humans who, want to own the best of the best APBT.
Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your testimonials and great feedback.  We are very happy with all you folks having our puppies and for them for making you so happy and proud.   Today  we have one female left for sale and one male as well both by Global Champion The Bagman BIS,

Many calls, messages asking for Bagman pups. There is only one breeding available. It is a great combination.  At this point, We are getting deposits on this new litter



Chico Lopez`s GLOBAL CHAMPION ” THE BAGMAN ”   X   Capivara

WOW This breeding was done once before! It was 10 puppies 10 amazing puppies, all so far looking second to none! We are super exited about this litter, 2 people on the k Before it was made. The BAGMAN  is getting older. Get your amazing dog from him before he is gone !! 281-226-0370
Again private dogs, no breeders, no sellers, no doggers, no people from the swamp or related to the swamp.



Chico Lopez`s Awesome Mayday    x    Otter ( Ariraña Brasil )

This is what dreams for top APBT experts and lovers look like !! from Champion Bishop to CH AWESOME BUCK ROM, to Global Gr ch Siega The Great DOG of Year, The Hands of Chico Lopez`s are all over this breeding !! Again making it hard to just get one puppy. Load up on Chico Lopez Dogs



Chico Lopez`s Awesome Mayday   x    Mega Death

My friends these litters are being sold out before they are born.  People are getting their names on the list and making sure they are in one one or more litters. These are the best breedings of the Real APBT in the planet.  Get your name in the list Today 281-226-0370 or WhatsApp  +5571-98839-8989

The Frozen semen of CH AWESOME BUCK ROM  to a Hollingsworth Female, bred to a direct son of Gr Ch Mayday made The Global Champion Gasolina. Them Gasolina t who is the mother of Global Gr ch Siega the great, bred back to the best son of Global Gr ch Siega the great when bred to the frozen semen of  CH AWESOME BUCK ROM !!  G E N I U S !! An The Art of breeding great, by the master Chico Lopez himself !! This is historic.

 Awesome Mayday x Mega Death


 Chico Lopez`S Awesome Mayday  x  Chico Lopez`s Hannibal Candy >>>>> SOLD OUT on 15th of June <<<<

The son of Global Grand Champion Siega the Great when she was breed to the frozen semen of no other than the great CHAMPION AWESOME BUCK ROM.

Bred to a direct Daughter of Global Champion Of Chico Lopez` Global  Champion THE BAGMAN BIS !  WOW friend this is amazing all the day. At the moment I type this June 9th 2018, I only have 3 spots left. To get pricing and to get on the list call me direct +1282-226-0370 or Whatsapp +5571-98839-8989

))) GET YOUR NAME ON THE LIST , if you need one asap.(((

Awesome Mayday x Hannibal Candy


2. Global Champion The Bagman x Jaw Breaker   ( Jaw breaker because when you see here, your jaw drops)

My friend let say that is an ART BREEDING.  Since 2003  I had planned this breeding. I did not know the names of the dogs that would be part of this amazing work of breeding art. Yet I knew the rout I would take.  it cost me an arm and a leg to put it together.  From breedings that did not take, losing expensive frozen semens, traveling around the world , selecting the best member to make this happen, it has been a journey. Three 4 times AWESOME BUCK ROM in this breeding wow !! ROM dogs all over the place. Global Grand Champions  and Champions, Mayday Blondie has the foot print on it,  Champion Honeybunch at the best of it. My selection ! These would be for the best guys .  It will be economical in terms of my efforts vs what you pay. It would not be cheap or for the cheapskates.  The breeders can dream , it would not be for them.  The people in the so call GAME in 2018 , stop dreaming , I don’t want to deal with thugs. ONLY CONNECTING GREAT PEOPLE, WITH THE EBST REAL AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER ON EARTH.  Did you say ” I want the best American Pit Bull Terrier breeder? You found it , this is the holly grail of the Best American Pit Bull Terrier on earth. Call me now 281-226-0370 or WhatsApp +1806-5005552

Bagman x Jaw Breaker


2. AWESOME MAYDAY    X  Miss Cadillac  ))))) SOLD OUT ((((((

Those who got puppies from Awesome Mayday say that they are loving his pups !!  He is breed like a dream and represents the best of the best of his family of dogs !!  Direct son of Champion Awesome Buck ROM.  His mother maybe the best dog in the history of the breeding in Global performance  Global Gr Ch Siega The Great.  We are taking deposits as of April 2018. Most of our liters are being sold before they are born so call me at +1 281-226-0370  or contact me by whatapp +1806-500-5552



For the fist time to the public. What we tested in private. A daughter of The Bagman breed to Awesome Mayday. This time even better , A daughter of Gr ch Mayday bred to The bagman and now bred to AWESOME MAYDAY  wow !! The breeding is done as of April 2018 and I am taking deposits. This is totally amazing for deposits contact me directly 281-226-0370 or whatapp  +1806-500-5552


                                  >>>>>> Front this point everything below is SOLD OUT <<<<<<<<<<<<

The Global Champion Mechanic Buck    x    The Chosen Few`s Barracan   ( SOLD OUT )

A breeding that  Fantastic that puts together some of my best Global champions and global Grand champions of Tug War and weight pulling in  a single pedigree, and top dogs such as Grand Champion Barracuda and Grand champion Macho Buck. Imagine all those great dogs ! The Mechanic Buck, and The Bagman too !!  All today in modern times as Pets !! Get your companion TODAY !


Pedigree on this litter

screen-shot-2017-06-25-at-1-09-16-pm screen-shot-2017-06-25-at-1-13-42-pm


Update on this pups !! Look how great this pups look today !!



Global Champion The Bagman  x   Best of Clarita  ( SOLD OUT )

TAKING DEPOSITS NOW ! 281-226-0370

We truly love best of Clarita she is such a nice pet, great personality , hard drive , a total pleaser ! She is build like a male , very impressive dog.

The Bagman is an Amazing dog that is truly making clones of himself in every litter . We predict these pups to be trulls amazing and please those who want the Ferrari of all dogs !!

Pedigree on this breeding

screen-shot-2017-06-25-at-1-25-01-pm screen-shot-2017-06-25-at-1-30-17-pm



   ~The Bagman x Capivara breeding is done~ ( SOLD OUT )

Now you can put down your deposits, 281-226-0370

A breeding that  Fantastic that puts together some of my best Global champions and global Grand champions of Tug War and weight pulling in  a single pedigree.




  • Global Champion and Champions or winners are all international or local in Brasil.    I been in Brasil since 2008 , near 10 years. All our dogs have competed in tug-A-war ,  weight pullings,  wild hog hunting  in South America , Mexico, and or Asia.
  • DOA= Picked by a panel as DOG OF APPRECIATION. A very important tittle as is very important to appreciated by the international community.
  • BIS = BEST IN SHOW WINNER,  Many events with over 3000 fanciers and multiple entries ,  have a Best in show winner.
  • GIS = GOOD IN SHOW WINNER,  Some times you cant get a BIS , a Good in show is also much appreciated.
  •  Some terms are  historical as historical is the Korean war, or WWII, nobody supports war today, yet is good to know your past and history
  • Some of our material have been used to write fictional accounts, like spider-man, or Santa Clause, sound like the truth only to children.