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Historical Females

~Current females~

This section of our website has the most valuable females selected to be breed to one of main studs:

The Bagman, Mechanic Buck, Billy Sunday , Awesome Mayday. Most of them are breed by me, and are carefully selected to continue producing legends.

~ Global Champion Deadly Speed ~


– Caterpillar –


-Deadly Force-


-Global Champion Copperday-


-Jaw breaker –

The power of Awesome Buck ROM and Honeybunch ROM  like no other !


-Lady Buck – 

A very powerful, athletic  female , breed to perform and produced. Super balance in structure and character. Lover to hang for hours from branches of trees in the jungle.  Great air, very good mouth.  She will be shown in Tug A War competitions.


-La Sarita –

Totally fast and powerful dog, build like  tomahawk missile. Great character, drive and perfect conformation. From two Global dogs.

based On the great breeding Awesome Buck ROM   X   Thinker ROM. This is a perfect sample of exclusivity, nobody in the world has anything similar in performance , and on quality of genetic material. These are real dogs, with real merits and consistent breedings. Absolutely nobody can offer anything even similar.  This makes me proud as this AWESOME BUCK ROM bloodline has been kept private in development for over 15 years and in testing during the last 10 years. The results are unique.

This is the real and purest and most consistent of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Pups from La Sarita The Missile will be special and when you need one you need to be a person of character and have the proper finances. We don’t breed for the masses, we breed for those few who are willing to pay and invest in ONLY THE BEST.


~Red Drama~