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Athos from Bucha movie coming soon.

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"Red nose puppies for sale"

Red nose puppy for sale
" Red nose puppies for sale "

 For a long time we had people putting desposits on puppies as far as a year out. We have worked hard to be on the position to offer our great approved buyers and clients puppies available al all times.

What are the prices ion Chico Lopez dogs or puppies ?


Prices normally are from $3500 -$4500 only as pets. Premium $8000 Plus pick in Brasil.


Today we have a pipeline of puppies available for sale from ” Red nose puppies for sale ” 8 weeks to 5 months old.


Call us today to start the process over the phone and see live what we have available !

We ship and deliver puppies to all states of United states.


The red nose dogs and red dogs

" The Old Family Red nose " The connection was insane.

Welcome to this great news my friends.  For a long time we wanted to address and teach on this great topic.  It is extensive and enchanting in some ways. The wonderful history of these great dogs, their heritage and the men that helped shape the best of it ! 

When people start to ask the famous question.  “Red nose puppies for sale” They have lots of topics to learn.  One of them is that not all red nose are equal.   The most important part of a puppy is his is build and what kind of breedings decisions were made.   Understanding the process of creation.  After old when one of our old great friend passes away we offend are left with the question. ” Where do I find a replacement for my old red nose pitbull ” 

Having access to the best source of real quality red nose American Pitbull terriers is pivotal.   After all you dont want to own nothing less than the best.

A solid family takes decades to forged and create.  The pedigree must  be made of legendary American Pit bull Terriers. The flagship Pitbull of ” The Golden Vein bloodline ” are the elite dogs of today.  Looking for a red nose puppy for sale?

 We have a few litters available.

Here is a direct link to this new section .

Red Nose 101

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These is your source of meaningful updates of The Real American Pit Bull Terrier.

Salute to the greatest champion of entrepreneurs Patrick Bet David and Dr. Robert Malone who is  amazing.

Robert Wallace Malone is an American physician and biochemist. His early work focused on mRNA technology, pharmaceuticals, and drug repurposing research. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Malone has promoted misinformation about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

Both with our amazing puppy Kobe !!

Patrick Bet David and Dr. Robert Malone
Patrick Bet David and Dr. Robert Malone with Kobe the red nose puppy

Welcome to Chico Lopez NEWS PAGE

We decided to build this area with daily and weakly updates,  so the people who don’t have media, can read a little of what we work with.  Here you can appreciate our culture, processes, community and genetics in general.

We build this NEWS PAGE  to add value to the breed. My name is Chico Lopez and I welcome you here today. You will find the most advance information on the most successful family of APBT in the world. You will not find anything like this any where in the world.

“For over two decades I created the most successful  family of Pitbulls in the world ( APBT) At first I did it all based on common sense, a very string competitive spirit, and the desired to discover the ultimate dog.” 

Thank you to who ever mastered this Video

I have a few fans out there working hard to create proper content with some of my thoughts  

Thank you . 

Before you buy a Pitbull !

Walking into the cockpit

News of 08.14.2022

Athos from Bucha, on his way to California ! The first time in history, a proven gamedog , walks to say hello to the captain and his copilot. 

California was AWESOME !!

We will bring you some amazing news !! 

Exited about this great trip.

Five ways on how to buy a pitbull ?

Five ways on how to buy a pitbull ?

This is a great sample of a CEO, entrepreneur and a family man , who wanted only the best for his family. Congratulations to Mr. Gabriel Zamarrano, for being smart and being our real breed Ambassador.

Cris Cyrborg MMA Super star.


Folks this was an awesome trip to California and we have tons of great moments to share with you.

He you see Cris Cyborg the GOAT Grand Slam champion of MMA< Holly and Athos from Bucha !  Athis is by merits the best American Pit Bull Terrier on earth as when I make this News report !  Enjoy it and if you have comments . Text me at 806-500-5552

New Puppies Announcement

We have a few puppies from several litters available  August 04 2022

  • Males from  Mayweather x Megym Kelly Girl
  • One amazing female of  Mayweather and  Benghazi
  • One Male from Awesome Ronni  x Global Champion Pechenka
  • Male  amazing  from Awesome Mayday  x Jordana!  You better grab one these maybe historical 
  • Two Males from  Bagman Jr  x  Triple 7  ( beast mode dogs ) Buckin puppies 
  • Two new borns females Mayweather  x  Cascavel

These are all available to great families only . Sold as pets . Only the best  people.


Carlo Gibbons and Ernie famous red nose !

August  02- 2022

Guys check out this video of The Gibbons family ! They own Ernie and amazing dog ! Ernie was delivered as a surpriced to Carlo  (On the Video )  as his birthday present.  They are so cool and great ambassadors of our brand. Let me know if you enjoy the video. You can use the Whatsapp tab on the right lower part of your screen. I would love to know your thoughts. Or Text me at 806-500-5552

Ernie is a son of Champion Mayweather and Tiger Lilly ! both amazing dogs. We have puppies just like from for approved buyers.

The Baddest dog study ! The American Pitbull . CONSISTENCY IS THE BIG SECRET!

 August  02. 2022

A historic video for those who have some understanding about bloodlines.  Historical times of the development of the real breed. Also for those who truly understand the big difference between common and extra ordinary. 

Some of the topics may sound redundant to a few. Yet those that sound redundant are maybe the most important and unknown facts that matter. 

Owning the best dog and defining the best dogs among hard men who wanted to win and imposed their existence is important.   The builders of the breed wanted to survived and then stablished superiority.  They were at war with everything the moved.  It was win vs lose.  No holding hands and sing kumbaya. It was second is the first loser.  No trophies of participation .  Instead were one price one winner.  

This baddest dog were not made to be mean to humans.  The opposite, maximum loyalty, love and care, also protection with their lives.

The story of the man living in the cold winter in the 1800s no electricity , the brutal winter.  The man left his home in the dark night to go get some wood to heat up his home.  He made a big mistake. Let his gun inside the house.  By the time he looked up a huge bear was going to make him dinner.   Out of no where his APBT went to the face of the bear into his death. Saving the life of the man and his family.

That was the baddest dog needed. Not a foxy, french bulldog, a big muscular coward bully, or a chiwuahua. 

Americans those few men that matter wanted to leave their name in history developing the best dogs on earth for the next generation. 

Awesome Mayday and Pumba