~The media and the truth about THE REAL PIT BULL~


The media , maybe the second if not the first enemy of the breed.  The media works on ratings, and creating stories that attract popular ignorant attention. I seen it through the years . They demonized our breed, and use mutts, or mix breed dogs on people attacks and use the headliners as ” NEW PITBULL ATTACKS” most of them false. There has never been a human attack by a dog came from a real dogman. The media uses the sensationalism to distract the ignorant masses away from real issues in their lives.  I have confronted journalist about their lies and ignorant. Those who have corresponded , agree tat they are just doing their job and they don’t know about the breed.   This section is one that I will write a lot more as time allows.

You can’t trust the media !!  >>>>>>>Fake news is real