The Real Pitbull

CHILINDRINA the great pitbull dog

CHILINDRINA is an apbt pitbull dog

Old family red nose bloodline. Chilindrina

The Historical Gamed of the Grand Champion Mayday

After traveling further than most ever have in American PitBull history, we have learned many things. We found out how difficult travel is for dogs and how it is a disadvantage for us when we compete. I truly believe that consistently winning in top competition is tough, but adding travel time is even tougher. Consistent success while traveling is the biggest challenge for true dogmen. However, we also knew that most people only do dogs in their area or in a very small radius. We have traveled for over 17 years North to South, East to West with 3 to 6 dogs, win and lose at the best of times. We keep learning more and getting stronger; practice, trial and error were our greatest school.  Great Champions.” Global Grand Champion Chilindrina was just an amazing red nose pitbull