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The Real Pitbull by Chico Lopez

“ Only the best, connecting the greatest APBT in history with the best American Families today. “

- Chico Lopez - 2015

The brand that has created more legendary and flagship dogs in history. The journey to uplift the breed. Here you discover the apex of the breed.

The framework of the original American Pitbull Terrier at the best of it.

The nanny dogs , companions and inspiration to never give up.


Welcome to our page. Some people called us the Holly grail of the American Pitbull Terrier. We want to be your number one and most trusted source of meaningful information on the real breed. Today more than before, doing your homework is pivotal to the results.

The difference in experience between the best dog and just a dog is oceans apart. The best, most accurate knowledge is needed to make the best decisions for you and your family.

We welcome you to learn and study the great benefits just as we search for what matters the most.

The great American 🇺🇸 hero of this country in the 1800s was a dog that would represent with courage and strength the family. Would protect the home even if it means putting life on the life.
The nanny dog would have that love temperament and influence the children never to give up.

By the late 1800s, Americans wanted a dog that would represent them.

A dog is a mirror match of your soul and character.
What better than the dog made of velvet and steel.
The dog gave America the concept of Underdog and top dog.

Americans were in competition in the wilderness as a new nation. This was their dog. They called it Pitdogs. Yet he was forged by American values.
The name had to represent the core of those values. So they named him The American
Pit Bul Terrier.

The most important part of that development was the character and journey of the men who are the creators and guardians of those special Ame rican dogs.

The dogs were always on a framework of completion.


That is so American 🇺🇸 being number one.

" The Bagman the Modern Champion of the Old family red nose "
” The Bagman the Modern Champion of the Old family red nose “

The breed was the best dog.  We learned about the breed from men whose parents were born in 1800, and we traveled the world on the only mission that matters. Only the best. We learned the hood, bad, and the ugly of history and the imminent extinction of the real breed.

During my search in 1990, I was blessed to have less information. Find thing the truth was easier. Today between opinions, ignorance, and fake news, the truth is hard to find.

We want you, if anything, for this your place to be where you discover the real APBT!

What is the Real American Pit Bull Terrier?

What are the benefits to you?

Why is it so crucial during every moment lived?

Why should these questions matter to you?

Again enjoy our page, and if you have questions, contact me by phone, text, or social media. With no obligation.

We only breed 30 to 60
Dogs a year, and we select our buyers carefully.

We want the best families.
You may notice that many professionals, entrepreneurs, top athletic goats, and hall of fame celebrities own our dogs. If you are a great human, you can connect with us quickly.


All puppies are sold as family pets to add value to your life. We want the experience to be the best and most professional experience ever, from our dog to our customer service.

All puppies are sold under a firm contract against breeders and criminals.

We have the best, and we want the best life for our dogs. We want them to be your heroes.
We will produce you with free information about the breed, founders, builders, real Dogmen, etc., to enrich your understanding of the actual breed.