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It is important to respect the past and acknowledge the role that individuals played in creating the breed of American Pitbull Terriers. While dog fighting is illegal today, it was not always the case. During the 1800s, dog fighting was not considered a dark pastime, but rather a popular activity among the elite of society. It is important to understand this history and not demonize those who participated in it. However, it is equally important to acknowledge that dog fighting is illegal today and that positive dog ownership MUST be promoted.

Today, there are many breeders who claim to breed pitbulls but are actually breeding mutts that can harm humans. We believe that we breed the best nanny dogs using the best real American Pit Bull Terriers. We take no advice from anyone when it comes to the breed, as we have more merit and have paid a higher price to create these dogs. We know APBT and we know that they are the best dogs in history. We operate within the law and are not afraid of anyone. We are the greatest ambassadors of the APBT and we urge others to love their dogs and stop breeding dogs they call pitbulls, as they may not truly know what a pitbull is. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 806-500-5552.

Disclaimer: Our Commitment to Authenticity and Animal Welfare

In a world where fake news, fake information, and cloud chasing are rampant, it is understandable that some may have concerns about the authenticity of our operations. This is why we would like to take the opportunity to clarify that we are not associated with anyone else on the planet.

Our Stand on Animal Welfare

We are committed to animal welfare, and we strive to provide the best possible care for our animals. As part of our commitment, we have legal contracts against dog fighters, breeders, and kennels. Our dogs are strictly sold as pets, and only to the best humans who will love and care for them.

We take great care in selecting the right homes for our dogs. We believe that the right match between owner and dog is essential for the well-being of the animal. We conduct interviews with potential buyers to make sure that they are a good fit for the dog in terms of lifestyle, personality, and environment. We also provide guidance and support to our buyers to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to care for their new pet.

Our Private Dogs Sold as Pets

We do not have any branches, breeders, or kennels that own our dogs. Instead, our private dogs are sold as pets to approved buyers only. We take the process of selecting buyers very seriously and make sure that they are the best possible match for the dogs in terms of personality, lifestyle, and environment.

All of our dogs are raised in a home environment, socialized from an early age, and provided with the best possible care. We believe that a healthy and happy dog makes for a better pet, and we spare no expense in ensuring that our animals receive the best possible treatment.

Legal Terms

Our legal contract against dog fighters, breeders, and kennels is a testament to our commitment to animal welfare. We take this matter seriously and will not hesitate to take legal action against anyone who violates our terms.

We also have strict guidelines for our buyers, including requirements for spaying and neutering, regular vet check-ups, and proper training and socialization. We believe that responsible pet ownership is essential for the well-being of the animal and for society as a whole.


We understand the concerns about the authenticity of dog breeders, and we want to assure our clients that we are committed to providing genuine, high-quality pets. Our private dogs are not available to the general public, and we do not tolerate dog fighting or breeding for profit. Our commitment to animal welfare is unwavering, and we will continue to provide the best possible care for our dogs.

Our presence.

Our pictures and material have been on the internet for over 22 years.  Today some very mean people have taken many of our picture to make their own videos to display fictional accounts , stories that are fantasies. Just like in books written by Agatha Christy in one of her novels.  If you see my dogs or our pictures  stories related to animal abuse or dog fighting, those material have been taken without our permission.  With did not authorized any publication to use our pictures with out our permission. We do not authorized any internet group too use our pictures. We do not authorize any government or agency to use our pictures.

We live in Brasil and have travel the world to see the best APBT in the planet. We never promote anyone to do anything illegal in The USA , We left the usa in 2008 and have since never don’t any activities related to dogs other than Judge a conformation show for a registry.

Our business model 

We sell all our dogs as private stock, the buyer can enjoy his dog or pup as a personal companion , friend, hunting partner, weight pulling competitions, conformation events, thug A war events.  NOT FOR THE USE OF FIGHTING, with the exception of Japan.

We encourage every one of our buyers to respect the local laws of their country , even when we don’t agree with them.


Our dogs are breed from the finest American Pit bull Terriers on earth.  I been working with the same bases for over 22 years.  Selecting best to best, with the mentality only the best.  In the majority of the world the use of dogs in the Pit for fighting is illegal, it is not in Japan.  Just as is with roosters , cook fighting is illegal in the USA and is legal in Mexico and The Philippines  who people in Mexico and in The Philippines are also good people. With that being said ignorant far left liberal  laws are in place. And when those laws are made, it discourage good quality people away from doing the roosters as a sample, so what in Mexico gathers good people around the palenque, in the some countries it gathers mostly criminals, not 100% but many.  It is the same effect with the APBT,


We are very knowledgeable on this breed  and dogs in general. Most dog experts are very limited on understanding when it comes to defining that not all dogs are just fluffy , goofy pets, some pets actually have courage and are sporting dogs. Dogs that love to be powerful and strong. Dogs that love to run on a heavy chain, or stay working. A lost of todays society are lost when it comes to this topic.

Our page will make a lots of people happy by discovering the truth about The Real American Pit Bull Terrier. This will be love by hard real humans. People that don’t care about being political correct. People that are conservative, strong and smart. People who love strength , courage, endurance,power of will, never give up. People that love greats like Winston Churchill, General Patton, Navy seals, Rocky Balboa, love hunting , sporting etc.

This page may not be liked by SNOWFLAKES, weak minded people, human zombies etc. We truly don’t care.  We encourage you to respect the laws in your countries. For Sample respect and don’t eat cows if you live in India, yet if you love stakes and you live in Texas USA enjoy it. For sample if you live in Mexico and you love cock fighting enjoy it, yet if you are from the weak society of the USA don’t do it those guys are backwards.

Get the draft !

We have the right to deny business to anyone we feel like, without giving a notice or explanation . I am very short to the point. Little talk, no time to waist.

If you into abusing animals, playing stupid do not call me. If you are some delusional humanian or animalist we don’t want to talk or disgust anything with you.

Be advise 

In many countries , special the USA and Europe ignorant people manipulate their law makers, corrupt the systems by paying them out while using Lobbyist.

They call themselves animal lovers etc, many times have good willing people volunteering for them.  it is a complex topic as there are many bad people who abuse their animals. Yet these monsters at those agencies and the ignorant volunteers confused Mutts with Pure breeds, Pets soft humanized destroyed and unbalanced dogs with Working animals . There is a huge difference between a working dogs and a snowflake humanized dog. Huge difference, study my page and learn about the factual truth.

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Respect the laws and respect your animals. invest time into learning how to be a great dog owner.

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