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Understanding the pedigree of an American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) or pitbull is a complex process. Unfortunately, many people make their first mistake right at the beginning by assuming that a pedigree guarantees quality. In reality, a pedigree is just a piece of paper that shows a dog’s lineage, and it’s only as good as the person who created it.

The APBT pedigree is attached to mystery, quality, heritage, and many wrong assumptions. Understanding the process of a pedigree is a hard lesson. I know thousands of people lost in the fantasy of assuming that their dogs are quality or equal to the greats because they have some dogs in the pedigrees. I wish it were that simple. Yet it is easier once you understand that the essential part of a pedigree is the man that breeds the dogs. Yes, that man who breeds dogs has his pedigree made of his merits and results, which is the most important as that defines the brand of the dog.

Is that man a brand man or an ordinary person? A pedigree can’t save a dog from being common, coming from a man with no merits. The pedigree of that man is most important; his merit is not being the most famous breeders, kennels, or dogger. Merits mean legendary dogs made by himself and the level of those dogs. Not all grand Champions are on the same levels; some are fake or just cheese grand champions. His journey pedigree, his merits, triumphs, and losses count. Not just the decades he has with dogs, look for merits numbers and use the tool COMPARE TO WHAT? I use those all the time; for example, someone may say, this man is a great basketball player! Can I COMPARE TO WHO? JORDAN? What are his numbers? All breeders have or are missing several excellent, compared to what?

So, when you see a pedigree, look at the man behind it. If there are many men in a short time, that’s a bad sign. If you see only one man, it’s better, especially if he’s a top or elite dogman. But it’s essential to look deep into his character. You can’t make a great dogman out of a loser. That man is the daddy or creator. The pedigree only matters if you can pass this test.

Mayday is an excellent example of a great dog, but you need to look at his numbers and metrics and compare him to other legendary dogs like VA and Hollingsworth to understand his true value. And it’s not just about Mayday; you need to look at his sisters and what he produced. Having Mayday all over the place on a pedigree in the hands of a common guy makes for a common dog.

In summary, understanding an APBT or pitbull pedigree requires a deep understanding of the man behind it, his merits, and the level of his dogs. A pedigree is just a piece of paper, and it’s only as good as the person who created it. So, don’t be fooled by fancy pedigrees or grand champion titles. Look deeper, compare, and understand the value of each dog in the lineage. By doing so, you can make better-informed decisions and ensure that you’re getting a quality dog. Remember to love your dogs, and always go the extra mile like Chico Lopez.


  • The pedigree of an APBT is often misunderstood and overvalued, with many people assuming that having certain dogs in the pedigree guarantees quality.
  • However, the most important factor in a pedigree is the man breeds the dogs and his own pedigree of merits and results.
  • Legendary dogs made by the breeder and their level of success are crucial to understanding the quality of the dogs in the pedigree.
  • Not all grand champions are created equal, and it’s important to compare a breeder’s merits and numbers to other top breeders in the field.
  • When evaluating a pedigree, it’s essential to look at the man behind it and their character, as a breeder’s skills and mindset are integral to producing high-quality dogs.
  • A pedigree only matters if the breeder behind it is reputable and produces consistently excellent dogs.
  • Mayday is an example of a great dog whose success was largely due to the decisions of his breeder and the quality of his lineage.
  • Having Mayday in a pedigree is not guaranteed quality unless the breeder behind the dog is also of high quality.
  • Understanding the complexities of pedigrees and breeding requires time and effort, but it can ultimately lead to owning and producing top-quality APBTs.
  • Remember to love your dogs and approach breeding with responsibility and care.


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