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Planned Breedings



~Planned breedings~

Friends this update is as of March 8 , 2018.
What is this section about?  So we have an understanding. I have to sections  one is  called PUPPIES and one is called  BREEDINGS.

PUPPIES means what I have already on the ground available or those who are confirmed breedings and pups are on the way.  As of now we have notice that our puppies are being sold faster than we can produced them. Remember we did not sold pups to the public  for over a decade. Those who seen our advertising in magazines , would remember , NO DOGS FOR SALE OR TRADE.  Today is a great time for those who know , and are loading up on these great puppies.  On the puppies section you will find dogs that are born ready to be shipped and some that are still growing and soon will be ready to be shipped. You will also find those who are confirmed on the way.  Most the time you can buy them or put down a deposit to hold one in place.

Gender: I dont know what gender the pups will be and so , I  can not  guaranty the gender. The other of deposits made can give the buyer a chance to pick up his choice before the pups are born. Yet no guaranties are made.  For price always by phone call +1281-226-0370   or WhatsAPP messaging +1806-5005552

BREEDINGS is about our planned breedings, that have not happened yet people are thinking about buying. Many saving their money and or adjusting their finances to get into those breedings, that will come in the near future.  We are currently taking deposits and full payments in some planned breeding for some qualified buyers. This is due to the high demand of our dogs , by good people.
For price always by phone call +1281-226-0370   or WhatsAPP messaging +1806-5005552

HOW TO QUALIFY?  I will meet you by phone and according to your character, associations and understanding my Chico Lopez culture of ” Connecting the best humans with the greatest dogs ”  Thugs,  dog fighters, Seller- breeders,  low lives people, cyberdoggers, trashy people are NOT WELCOME  to contact me or call me.  The GAME?  , Do not contact me. No interested in the so called game, not interested in your activities , not interested in your stories.  The worst people I ever meet , called themselves dogmen one day. So just great people who want “THE BEST AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER PUPPIES” on earth ! Some old times who want to have a great pet and the few great dogmen of the past or today can contact to own my dogs as pets and working dogs.
For price always by phone call +1281-226-0370   or WhatsAPP messaging +1806-5005552

There are a few plan breedings for 2018. Some of them using The Bagman, Awesome Mayday, James Bulger, Awesome Ronin, Wardaddy, BagmanDay and some exiting new breedings using my collection of FROZEN SEMEN.



For those who are wiling to reinvent themselves ! For those who want a brand new start, sell all they got and just start fresh !!
Totally amazing breeding. We bred Red Drama to Global Champion The Bagman BIS and everyone is very happy with their puppies.
A few people contacted me about this planned breeding , and before I put this up, already we have 3 deposits in place. If you want to make sure that you are in, make your move , or you may stay just dreaming.
For price always by phone call +1281-226-0370   or WhatsAPP messaging +1806-5005552

From this line bellow everything is sold, and I will up date soon. Thank you for your patience.

To get your hands in this special breeding, call me 281-226-0370.




~Done Breeding #2~

This is a breedings I made using a dog from an amazing work done since the late 1990s. when I created the original Clarita , who was an amazing dog. breed to my #8 dogs also breed by me, using my 357 Jr dog , who is a littermate brother to famous Macho Buck. when I breed him to a heavy redboy female I got from Miss Le Blanc in Texas over a decade ago.  Today I took that old work and I put it under an amazing modern creation !! The Bagman !!




~Done breeding #3~

I have one male available, he is buckskin just like CH MECHANIC BUCK,  litermate brother of caterpillar.

All our puppies,  breedings etc as strictly sold as private stock to private parties. Never to breeders, traders, etc.


The Bagman x Caterpillar, WOW!

Bagman x Caterpillar


~Done breeding #4~

THE BAGMAN x Honeyworth

This breeding is done, she will drop in about 4 weeks. Honeyworth is an athletic and powerful female, combination of the best Honeybunch dogs, CH MECHANIC ROM and CH SHORTY ROM frozen semen, choose by me and my years of selection. Complete animal, combine with THE BAGMAN is a explosion of success. I been using frozen semen with success since 2002, my unique knowledge produce Grand Champions and Champions at global level with consistency. We are the only one that achieve success with frozen semen like this!!


~Done breeding #5~

The best combination of MAYDAY – BUCK – HONEYBUNCH

Here I present you 20 years of expensive development to crest this one breeding ! Technology $$$$ a lots of knowledge and a lots of testing. The product is here JAMES BULGER x Benghazi, excellence!

Amazing breeding,  call me to put your deposit TODAY +1 281 226 0370


~Done breeding #6~

Meet Tomahawk, I breed her with my Awesome Mayday and the results are stunning, so I decided to breed her now with THE BAGMAN. With my expertise, I expect this breeding to be a ultimate success!! Only two spots available, call me now to secure yours TODAY 281 226 0370.


~Planned breeding  # 1~

This is not for the broke down, in fact I don’t deal with broke downs. This is for those who got the loot and are daring and willing to do the contract.

All my pups are sold as private stock, microchipped, DNA, and two tattoos .

As of 4/08/2017  we are still waiting for Jawbreaker to come into heat. Two deposits have been taken.


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