The Real Pitbull

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Media The media and the truth about THE REAL PIT BULL~

The media is paid by Humaniacs to destroy the bred.  Also they created a culture of  NEGATIVE sensationalism around “THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER”

The media gets millions of dollars from organizations , which trick society of giving them donation to help animals. That money goes directly to their own bank accounts, and to lobbyist. Who pay dirty politicians to create idiotic laws that prevent the growth or ownership of the “Real American Pit Bull Terrier”

Leaving the street level breeders, to keep breeding the so called Pitbulls on the news, or TV , which are all mutts.


The media , maybe the second if not the first enemy of the breed.  The media works on ratings, and creating stories that attract popular ignorant attention. I seen it through the years . They demonized our breed, and use mutts, or mix breed dogs on people attacks and use the headliners as ” NEW PITBULL ATTACKS” most of them false. There has never been a human attack by a dog came from a real dogman. The media uses the sensationalism to distract the ignorant masses away from real issues in their lives.  I have confronted journalist about their lies and ignorant. Those who have corresponded , agree tat they are just doing their job and they don’t know about the breed.   This section is one that I will write a lot more as time allows.

You can’t trust the media !!  >>>>>>>Fake news is real and is 90% fake.

Big money on attacking pitbull

Why pitbull attack people?

  1. The main reason is that they are not pitbulls . Most of the dogs on the news are mutts that ignorant society confused with Pitbulls . Far away from “The Real American Pit Bull Terrier”
  2. The way they are bred.  They are not real pitbulls .  Even when a dog is a Pitbull the election comes from low quality dogs. Mainly street level breeders. People that got their dog from another misinformed person just like them.
  3.  The way they are raised.   99% of the dogs called Pitbulls,  are of poor selection and no quality. Also many of them are trained to attack humans. A very profitable market.   Trust me some people that we have talked to them about promoting attack or defense or protection as something not recommended for this breed. They still love the money behind it.
  4. Irresponsible  ownership and not a proper match dog and owner.
    This is huge, this happens with just about any breed. A.  Poor gear ( colors , leash, no parting sticks) B. Poor fencing and kenneling, Not evening can own a dog period.  Specially a working dog full of energy, not having the proper infrastructure is a big problem. C. Having more dogs than one can handle, THE APBT is not a pack animal, Even if your poach looks like a real APBT , he may have the trails of a dog that was not breed to hold hands with other dogs. D)  Humanizing your dogs, Love them like kids, treat them like special dogs. They are dogs and have a dog personality.  E) THESE DOGS ARE NOT FOR SNOWFLAKES , WEAK MEN, These dogs were and are created in some places for STRONG ALPHA MALES !!
  5. Over breeding. This is a big problem. Just because you have a paper that said that your dog is registered with an association that is for breeders. That does not mean you are qualified to be  a breeder. Breeding is a huge problem.  I been around the world and at every level I discover people that have problems breeding dogs.  I advised a panel of the owners of a huge yard in Asia , over 2000 dogs.  A lot of dogs and poor performance. I said just because you have females giving birth does not mean you are breeders. Experiences on breeding can’t be confused with experience kenneling. At a neighborhood level those so called kennels with or with out websites  are terrible.
  6.  The Mega peddler. These type are on another level . They have no real selection on their own dogs. They just look for females in heat to breed. 99% are paper hangers, and have no merits to their own dogs or even the bases of their dogs.  These fast and furious hustlers create communities of  lost should poor owners. Dreamers who invest in their ideas, with no future other than owning a dogs with 4 legs, 2 eyes, a mouth to feed. CULTURE  again. Many of these mega fast and the furious type are also selling the flavor of the moment. They switch dogs and bloodlines as soon as they hear the laters dog in the dog market. These massive sales land dogs on the hands of people who know nothing and as soon as they can , they model the mega peddler and join a circle of trash breeders.
  7. These you can see why I 100%  DON’T SELL TO BREEDERS, THUGS, LOW LIVES, HUSTLERS, AND SCUMBAGS !  A few hustler are like roaches on the floor waiting for any dirty no word person to grab my crumbs and hang paper. Trust me those shameless bastards do not care. Those are the real thugs of the world.
  8. TO BE CONTINUED!! 281-226-0370

The “Real American Pit Bull Terrier”

"American Pit Bull Terrier"
“American Pit Bull Terrier”

If you never seen a real Gamedog here is one super famous and respected Real American Pitbull Terrier.

This Picture here was taken here in Brasilia- Taguatinga at the Taguatinga park. At the first ” ADBA Brasilia Club”
The nice lady in the picture never seen this dog ever in her life. She is a true advocate for the bred and a fan of our breeding
program. Mrs. Retana ” Pitbull Viscaina” from Rio de Janeiro Brasil.

True love my friends ! Honest love and great amazing dogs !! Our pups are just like that !!

This dog above is The Butcher's Knife. "Global Champion Mechanic Buck BIS" The "Dog of Velvet and Steel"
This dog above is The Butcher’s Knife. “Global Champion Mechanic Buck BIS” The “Dog of Velvet and Steel”


What you will see on the media!
A perfect sample of fake news

Here is a popular website the link will  below

A sad story and she may rest in peace. Looks like a good pet owner. However her dogs were straight street level MUTTS
The living media one more time using the name “PITBULL ATTACKS” To sell rating. The sensationalist media love to put terror into the hearts of good people
Calling her mutts pitbulls is just a dirty trick. Keeping the public misinformed.  Side by side her  Picture with her dog and the Picture of a real APBT.

"Fake Pitbull dogs on this picture"
“Fake Pitbull dogs on this picture”

Here some more fake and poor quality dogs called “PITBULLS”

"These above are low quality street breeder level mutts"
“These above are low quality street breeder level mutts”