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AS OF JAN 2023, 

This super breeding between Global Grand Champion Athos and Thug Rose is a confirmed litter. She is pregnant and happy.  You can expect to have the most amazing red-nose puppies.

These Gr ch Mayday ROM dogs and Old Family Red Nose puppies will be excellent pets and gorgeous animals.

We Are taking deposits on this litter.  Puppies will be born sold.  TAKE ACTION AND CALL  FOR DETAILS. 806-500-5552


HERE IS THE PEDIGREE pitbull pedigrees, apbt pedigrees

We have a few puppies from several litters available  ” RED NOSE PUPPIES FOR SALE “





Athos and Red Mechanica

  • Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Red, Red nose
  • Status: Available to approved buyers 806-500-5552

The pedigree of this puppy

                          Global Mechanic Buck ROM BIS

                 Global Athos From Bucha

                              Global  Deadly Speed ROM BIS

Your puppy

                              Global Mechanic Buck ROM BIS

                  Chico Lopez`s Red Mechanica

                              Chico Lopez`s Lagerta

Pitbull Puppies

Athos and Red Mecanica


  • Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

  • Gender: Female

  • Color: Red, Red nose

  • Status: Available to approved buyers

     Call  Today  806-500-5552

The pedigree of this puppy

                      Chico Lopez` Mechanic Buck ROM BIS
            Global Athos From Bucha
                    Global  Deadly Speed ROM BIS

Your puppy

                    Chico Lopez` The Bagman  ROM BIS
          Chico Lopez`s Tiger Lilly
                      Chico Lopez`s Siega

Available and INCREDIBLE

red nose pitbull puppy



  • Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

  • Gender: Male

  • Color: Red, Red nose

  • Status: Available to approved buyers

     Call  Today  806-500-5552

The pedigree of this puppy

                       Chico Lopez` Awesome  Buck ROM 
                  Chico Lopez’s Awesome Mayday
                    Global GrCh Siega the Great 

Your puppy

                    Chico Lopez The Bagman ROM 
          Chico Lopez`s Jordana
                      Chico Lopez`s Copperday

Bagman Jr x 777


  • Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

  • Gender: Male

  • Color: Buckskin

  • Status: Available to approved buyers

     Call  Today  806-500-5552

The pedigree of this puppy

                      Chico Lopez` The Bagman ROM BIS
            Chico Lopez Bagman JR
                    Global  Siega The Great BIS

Your puppy

                     Chico Lopez`s Global Mechanic Buck ROM
             Chico Lopez`s 777
                      Chico Lopez`s Caterpillar

Young Male Available 22 months

Screen Shot 2023-02-05 at 11.41.46 AM
  • Available 

  • Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Gender: Male
  • Color: Red, red nose
  • Status: Available to approved buyers 806-500-5552
  • This combination is fire: Awesome Mayday is the father bred with the daughter of the best buck dog in the continent Int. Ch Bishop is an amazing Gaston dog.  
  • The pedigree of this puppy  

                           Chico Lopez AWESOME BUCK ROM (the legendary dog)

                 Chico Lopez Awesome Mayday

                            Global  Siega the Great  BIS

The Male

                         Global CH Bishop

                  Chico Lopez`s Red Drama

                          Ruby Red

We will have a few puppies from several litters available  


  • Prices on our puppies all by appraisal and supply and demand 
  • USA only our prices are for USA States only. 
  • We ship or deliver at a cost. Approved buyers only 
  • Most prices are $3500 – $4500, premium and picks $8000 plus
  • Celebrities of high profile and get approved get a special discount.
  • Puppies are shipped at 8 weeks old and 4 months old.

These are all available to great families only . Sold as pets . Only the best  people.





















A little about the The Old Family red nose. and The opinion of the most recognize writer of this topic “OFRN

Pitbull Bloodline”

A Modern Champion of the Old Family Red Strain


Richard F. Stratton

I am often asked if the Old Family Red Nose line is still a game strain or is it a passion of neophytes. Well, it’s a little of both. It is certainly true that the red nose coloration is very popular with those new to the breed. I am partially responsible for that, as I wrote quite a bit about them in my books. Also, a large OFRN dog was featured in the movie Flash Dance, which was quite a popular movie in its day.

There was a time when adherents of the line were frustrated that any dog that showed that coloration was considered a member of the OFRN line. To be considered a member of that strain, the common belief was that Centipede, Lighthouse Vick, Owen’s Tanner, Harvey’s Red Devil, and Cyclone should be in the pedigree. But those dogs were way back in the twenties, thirties, and forties. The great Centipede’s owner was a member of a big name band, and he was on the road a lot, so he got dog-people friends of his to keep the dog for him, but he was quite generous about allowing breeding to the champion canine. Dave Ferguson, Centipede’s owner, went off to war in the second Great War, and he died a hero’s death. Red Howell ended up with the dog, and he bred him to just about everything. That was not surprising, as Centipede was generally acknowledged the best dog of his age.


Centerpide the historical dog
” Old Family Red nose “

The immortal Centipede is someplace in all modern Old Family Red Nose dogs.

The point I am trying to make is that all of those dogs were bred so much that any of the modern day dogs that show that coloration are bound to have those dogs back in their pedigrees—and so do dogs with other colorations, but they aren’t held up as representatives of the strain!

Truth to tell, a lot of the original Old Family Red Nose dogs did not have an all red coloration, with red toe nails and fiery red eyes. D. A. McClintock, Bob Hemphill, and Bob Wallace became some of the modern OFRN enthusiasts, and a lot of their dogs had white on them, or they were a color other than red, such as brindle, with the red nose. It is kind of ironic that a lot of these dogs, including Tudor’s Fighting Peter, Cyclone, and Centipede went through Earl Tudor’s hands, as he didn’t particularly care for the coloration. Even Lightner, who is most credited for the origin of the strain got rid of his because he didn’t like the color, and he didn’t like that fact that they were running too big. Oh well, a lot of the reason these guys didn’t like that coloration was that it looked sort of freaky in those days. People were used to seeing Bulldogs in all colorations—but not that!

Anyway, I just tell people who want modern OFRN dogs that are game to get dogs from game strains. One of these modern dogs is a candidate of one of the world’s top pit dogs. When I wrote about Grand Champion Titere, who is often credited with being the top dog in the world, I emphasized that it is difficult to really determine such things. But The Bagman is a definite candidate, too, and he is a fine specimen of that grand old bloodline. I think the best way to think about the OFRN line now is as a branching line, with some branching out to show dogs and some to pets, while others branch into various game dog lines. Of course, dogs from the game lines can be pets, too—in fact, they are usually the best in that regard!

Anyway, let me tell you about The Bagman. This is a great Bulldog in every sense of the word. He is smart, and he has freaky athletic ability—and he can’t be made to bite a person, as his disposition is just that good.

The Bagman is an international champion pit dog that is much acclaimed.

The pups he has sired all look like him, nearly exact replicas. If they turn out like him, a storm is coming because The Bagman is something special, an international champion that has won on two continents—and only in four and a half months! He has it all: gameness, smarts, and crazy ability. It will be interesting to see how he will rate as a producer, but he should do well, as he has quality breeding behind him.

His sire, Champion King Amok was a three-time winner and one-time game loser, and he is a son of Champion Awesome Buck, a four-time winner and one-time game loser. He appears in the pedigree on the dam’s side, too, and he has been a great producer. Three of Weight Sporting  Dog Journal’s Dogs of the Year were sired by him. And, it is interesting to note, Awesome Buck looks just like a replica of the immortal Centipede.

Champion Awesome Buck, a great dog and a great producer.

The Bagman got his championship in just under four months in three different countries, including South America, Mexico, and Europe. He polished off his first two opponents in short order in weight pulling events !  14 minutes and 22 minutes. But his third challenger was something special, and it took The Bagman an hour and fifty-five minutes to beat him. The Pulling contest of the most powerful dogs.


” Obviously, The Bagman is something special himself, and I think we will be hearing about him as a producer in the future. Those who want game Old Family Red Nose dogs need look no further”

Recently sold out

About our Red nose puppies for sale

The wonderful story of creating the best dog experience  for our clients starts in our journey.  How we approached this passion in 1990. 

In the bronx New Your , I had the opportunity to pick up a legendary dog from a very common litter of puppies.  Those puppies at that time were very different to the puppies one can find today.  Let me explain: The so called dog market went from owning the best representation of the real American Pit Bull Terrier to owning a dog of a funny color , extra large or extra small.  So those weird dogs became the fashion and what people was breeding for. Living behind to vanished most of the neighborhood dogs that had sparkles of the best dogs . That is why today you see so many ” Fake Pitbull” those “giant pitbulls” are not real pitbulls, Also the XL, the merle, and ” Blue nose pitbulls” all are fashion dogs, and not real pitbulls. They are using the name pitbull for clout yet they are absolutely fake. 

The so called giant pitbulls 100 plus pounds are made up since the late 1980. in other words if you go back to the 1970, nobody in the world would know or understand what is a ” blue nose puppy” ” Giant pitbull ”  We get calls from neighborhood back yard breeders saying things like this ” My fable had puppies and they are of weird colors, I think you can profit from them”  This practice happened all over the united states.


We breed our puppies from the very best American Pit Bull Terriers from The 1970S. The golden era of the breed.  We created legendary dogs, that are cover of books and magazines. Dogs recognized worldwide and the best real American Pitbull terriers on earth.  With over 200 flagship dogs is easy to only used the dogs that fit our mission, ONLY THE BEST.

Breeding dog with the purpose to creat the best ever has always been our mission during over 3 decades.

We select our clients from the very best members from sociaty. Sports goats such as world champion ” Terence Crawford”  ” Roy Jones Jr” ” Julio Cesar Chavez” ” Robert Duran” : Hands of stone” ” Royce Gracie” Cris Cyborg” ” Chito Vera” just to mention a few. Lost of great people doctors , layers, life professionals are our clients.  Mulity Million dollars companies as is David Denis, or ESPN super star ” Marcus Spears” are our clients. We also have family heroes , super stories of parents that improved the life of their children by owning our dogs.  You see our dog inspire courage, toughness, never give up, and never get bullied. 

WE breed ” The original APBT ” The original American Pitbull” “The original Red nose pitbull”


WE are very selective to who we sell. As we want the  best members possible. Our clients that purchased our amazing puppies are our family.

We only breed 30 to 60 puppies a year so we want the best homes. 


We do not work with breeders, no kennels, no criminals.. We want the best people to own the best dogs.

Our selection comes from a family that wants only the best , and your are the first beneficiary to own one of our dogs.


If you look around our social media, verified chanels on instagram, Facebook, Our ” Pitbull reviews” you see there is nobody like us. 

We are here to serve you and your family. I would like to talk with you about your goals and make that dream come true. 


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