The Real Pitbull

Purchase Agreement


  1. It is important to me that before you buy your new best friend, your new hero, we both are clear on my method of dealing. The breed have been destroyed to pieces by the practices made till now. Breeding these dogs are not for everyone. So before we move into the money part is important you the buyer understand that you are buying my pups in a contract.

    All our dogs are sold as pets, family dogs, sporting dogs, hunting dogs , private breeding stock.  My intentions are that the buyer enjoy the dog, archive success in the legal venues he can participate, or just enjoy the amazing companionship my dogs provide.  The buyer in some cases may want to breed the dogs to their own stock and keep them as private animals, that is ok with me.  Yet  my dogs CANNOT  be used as breeding stock for sale , trade , give away , lend, farmed out etc. All our puppies are sold under a written contract where the buyer can’t not be a breeders , trader etc. All our dogs are sold to private parties as private stock, CAN NOT BE TRANSFER EVER. Breeders and peddlers are totally not welcome.  The name on the registration will for ever be Only The Best /Chico Lopez,

  2. The history of these great dog has been made of warrior that fought the adversities that no other breed have face. The dogs were not created by sofa soft people. These dogs were created in times were men were real, and honor was all it matters. No sassy soft snowflakes, and a dog was consider a working dog, not a sofa type of dog. Today things have changed most morons in society think all dogs are soft babies who should be treated like handicap people. Many morons humanize dogs and break their genetics desires. The American Pit Bull Terrier were created by real men with the purpose of straight combat, to win all adversity  being face. By a method of hard selection of best to best only , and the culling the rest, an amazing dog was created. Just as in humans where those brave men are still abraded by some members of society, war soldiers, movie characters that endure life and adversity. Just like that those men and their families enjoy having the best of the best. The american Pit Bull Terrier was created under straight competition, as I mention best to best. Today in Japan is 100% legal to have dogs in combat and those dogs and the people are not bad. No coward society in the west is better than Japan`s culture.  With this being said , I also have to recognize that many countries have already been broken to cowardship, and labeled that as human ship. So to respect the laws in some countries I can’t offer you these dogs for the traditional way of selection. Of course if you in Japan you have still those rights , yet to most of the world , my dogs and puppies are strictly sold as NEVER to be used for the purpose of combat.  My contract outlines that very clearly.  All contracts have picture ID and signatures. We live in Brasil and we are not mandated by any laws other than those here in Brasil. I say those confused souls who think they own the world understand it clear.

  3. We are not responsible in any way shape or form for any damages accidents, including accidents of GOD by any of the dogs we sell , or their offsprings.

  4. We don’t work with third parties claiming to even done business with US.  If someone sold you a dog claiming that came from me: That is not our dogs or is a dog you should not buy as the only way to buy a dog from my bloodline is from Chico Lopez Direct.


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