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The history o the red dogs with red nose, who are the elite dogs of the entire American Pit Bull Terrier breed.  

Those special dogs that made history by merits, consistency and performance.  The great dogs that put the names in history , NOT ALL REDS, AND RED NOSES ARE EQUAL.  These are the great.

Here we are going to break down why the selected group of dogs throughout history have dominated the best performance of the breed.  We will talk about the most powerful family of red nose pitbulls ” THE GOLDEN VEIN ” by Chico Lopez, The red nose game dogs extending from the 1900s. The effect of those game dogs with dogs such as “Mayfield`s Tombstone ” ” Champion Red boy” ” STPs Gr ch Buck ROM " "Chico Lopez’s Champion Awesome Buck ROM ” ” Tants Gr ch Yellow"  " The Chosen Few`s Global gr ch Siega The great, BIS, Dog of the year" "  " Global Gr ch Athos from Bucha " " Hollingsworths Dolly" ROM " " Hollingsworth dogs " " Global gr ch champion Chillindrina`s Dog of the year BIS and GIS "

We also will include the connection of the Buckskin dogs who are also a variation of red dogs and in many case the predecessors of the Red nose dogs. The powerful connection of dog that came from red dogs or help build some of those gamedogs such as ” Aycart`s Gr ch Mayday ROM ” One of the most fundamental dogs in the history of the breed. Also the laters most powerful producers of greatness such as ” Global champion Mechanic Buck ROM BIS ” ” Global Champion The Bagman ROM BIS ” These group of modern dogs with in the last 3 to 4 decades have taken the breed to new heights.   connecting the Bagman as called by Richard Stratton authors and historian of the APBT as ” The Bagman is the modern Champion of ” The old family red nose and a candidate to be the best of in the world ” 

 We will be breaking down history that matters at started in the old continent and specifically in Irland. The hardcore hard Irish men did build greatness doing their times, as they looked for the gamest real American Pit Bull terrier’s of all times.

The evolution of these red dogs. The old men behind and you will learn that just as not all red cars are Ferraris Not all red dogs are super dogs 




A Modern Champion of the Old Family Red Strain

              THE BAGMAN THE CANDIDATE TO BE THE BEST DOG ON EARTH                                                         

Red Nose pitbulls
The BagmanOld family Red nose puppies available

By Richard F. Stratton

I am often asked if the Old Family Red Nose line is still a game strain or is it a passion of neophytes.  Well, it’s a little of both.  It is certainly true that the red nose coloration is very popular with those new to the breed.  I am partly responsible for that, as I wrote quite a bit about it in my books.  Also, a large OFRN dog was featured in the movie Flash Dance, which was quite a popular movie in its day.

There was a time when adherents of the line were frustrated that any dog that showed that coloration was considered a member of the OFRN line.  To be considered a member of that strain, the common belief was that Centipede, Lighthouse Vick, Owen’s Tanner, Harvey’s Red Devil, and Cyclone should be in the pedigree.  But those dogs were way back in the twenties, thirties, and forties.  The great Centipede’s owner was a member of a big name band, and he was on the road a lot, so he got dog people friends of his to keep him for him, but he was quite generous about allowing breeding to the dog.  Ferguson, Centipede’s owner, went off to war in the second Great War, and he died a hero’s death.  Red Howell ended up with him, and he bred him to just about everything. 

Centerpide the historical dog

That was not surprising, as Centipede was generally acknowledged the best dog of his age.

The point I am trying to make is that all of those dogs were bred so much that any of the modern day dogs that show that coloration are bound to have those dogs back in their pedigrees—and so do dogs with other colorations, but they aren’t held up as representatives of the strain!

Truth to tell, a lot of the original Old Family Red Nose dogs did not have an all red coloration, with red toe nails and fiery red eyes.  D. A. McClintock, Bob Hemphill, and Bob Wallace became some of the modern OFRN enthusiasts, and a lot of their dogs had white on them, or they were a color other than red, such as brindle, with the red nose.  It is kind of ironic that a lot of these dogs, including Tudor’s Fighting Peter, Cyclone, and Centipede went through Earl Tudor’s hands, as he didn’t particularly care for the coloration.  Even Lightner, who is most credited for the origin of the strain got rid of his because he didn’t like the color, and he didn’t like that fact that they were running too big.  Oh well, a lot of the reason that these guys didn’t like that coloration was that it looked sort of freaky in those days.  People were used to seeing Bulldogs in all colorations but that!

Anyway, I just tell people who want modern OFRN dogs that are game to get dogs from game strains.  One of these modern dogs is a candidate of one of the world’s top pit dogs.  When I wrote about Grand Champion Titere, who is often credited with being the top dog in the world, I emphasized that it is difficult to really determine such things.  But The Bagman is a definite candidate, too, and he is a fine specimen of that grand old bloodline.  (I think the best way to think about the OFRN line now is as a branching line, with some branching out to show dogs and some to pets, while others branch into various game dog lines.  Of course, dogs from the game lines can be pets, too—in fact, they are usually the best in that regard!

Anyway, let me tell you about The Bagman.  This is a great Bulldog in every sense of the word.  He is smart, and he has freaky athletic ability—and he can’t be made to bite a person, as his disposition is just that good.

The pups he has sired all look like him, nearly exact replicas.  If they turn out like him, a storm is coming because The Bagman is something special, an international champion.  He has it all: gameness, smarts, and crazy ability.  It will be interesting to see how he will rate as a producer, but he should do well, as he has quality breeding behind him.

His sire, Champion King Amok was a three-time winner and one-time game loser, and he is a son of Champion Awesome Buck, a four-time winner and one-time game loser. 


He appears in the pedigree on the dam’s side, too, and he has been a great producer.  Three of Sporting Dog Journal’s Dogs of the Year were sired by him.

The Bagman got his championship in just under four months in three different countries, including South America, Mexico, and Europe.  During his tug A war competitions he polished off his first two opponent in short order: 14 minutes and 22 minutes.  But his third challenger was something special, and it took The Bagman an hour and fifty-five minutes to best him.

Obviously, The Bagman is something special himself, and I think we will be hearing about him as a producer in the future.  Those who want game Old Family Red Nose dogs need look no further.

Richard Stratton and Chico Lopez

The History of these great modern ” Old Family red nose dogs” Made up of the best game dogs of modern times, The Global elite American Pit Bull Terriers. 


” All Copywrites belong to Chico Lopez Aka Francisco Lopez Chico  ( 806)-500-5552



The Redboy dogs

The history of the red Redboy bloodline is absolutely sensational.  My long experience started during 1992 with the dogs of  Smiths Red and my favorite are the combination of the bobby Holland dogs by way Stuff , making Chico Lopez’s SargeROM, Sire of the greatest Siega The great.

Sammy Boomer was dog that we hold for few days up in The Bronx NY  Late 1990s  . He went out to be a solid producer of many good dogs around the world. ” The red nose American Pit Bull Terrier ” by way of The ” Redboy dogs bloodline of pitbulls” made tremendous help to many breeding programs that were took on nothing special, and the redboy dogs gave them a second wind.

 I will be adding some articles written by other men who were in some way or another involved on some dogs from the past.

Article 1


For many years I have heard about Red Boy dogs. One of the first persons to popularize them was Katie Marlow also known as Carolina Kitten. She owned Triangle Acres Kennels. Her boyfriend, The Tom Cat, helped her to take care and handle the dogs. I heard, Red Boy dogs were extremely game with no mouth. Red Boy dogs are predominantly red nose and came from the Carolinas. My first thought of Red Boy dogs was, that they were probably Hemphill blood. Why I thought that is because they were red nose and Bob Hemphill was from S. Carolina. I always heard they were Colby blood from Howard Teal. I would see some of Howard’s dogs at conventions at Earl Adams in TN. I don’t ever remember any of Howard’s dogs looking like Red Boy or what he produced. So I started thinking about it more and more. I thought back years ago about other people that had Colby’s bloodline and I don’t remember any of them having dogs like the Red Boy dogs. I thought about people like Bob Neblett, Blair Hetrick’s, Walter Komosinski, J.R. Loposay and of the old Colby dogs. Many years ago I was up to Fergy’s place and he had just received 6 dogs from Medlin from his Outlaw blood. There was no Red Boy blood in them. As I thought about Medlin’s Outlaw dogs without Red Boy blood in them, none of them including Fergy’s were like Red Boy dogs. The 6 dogs that Fergy had were all ten-minute curs. Medlin’s Outlaw and Bass’ Red Boy Tramp were suppose to be half brothers from Teal’s Jeff.

Over the years from seeing and becoming more familiar with Red Boy dogs my opinion changed where they came from. I would see dogs like Deacon and his brother Hunter Red and feel sure there was Hemphill blood in them. Deacon and Hunter Red could pass for our dog Maud’s littermates. Maud was pure Hemphill bloodlines. As I began to see more Red Boy dogs my opinion changed more and more. When I saw Bailey’s Bingo I thought he could pass for Ch. Iron Bear’s twin brother. Especially the white on the muzzle, his mouth and the shape of his front end. Where my opinion greatly changed was when I acquired a pup named Tramp. Tramp’s sire was Deacon, his dam was Bailey and Long’s Blitz. Another occasion was when I acquired Jackel, her sire was Bingo and her dam was Lock’s Bliss. Bliss was a full sister to White’s Tab and Ch. Tramp. I bred Tramp to Jackel and the pups grew up to look like their parents.
The look of conformation of Tramp, Jackal and their pups were like our female Gr. Ch. Koko and Corvino’s Shorty.

One of the rumors that I heard about Red Boy dogs was, they come from a dog from South Eastern United States by the name of Ch. Whino. Whino bloodline was from Corvino’s Shorty. Another rumor that Bobby Holland, Yankee Boys and others would tell was that Bass claimed Red Boy’s blood came from TN. that Herbert Storms, Vera Storm’s husband, sent to TN. I knew a lot of people in TN. had similar bloodline like Storms.
If anybody has ever seen the pedigree on Storm’s Dibo, Dibo’s dam Stacy’s Taxi and on the topside of the pedigree you will see names like Christie’s Go Go and others. I first encountered George Christie back in the late 60’s early 70’s. George use to advertise in Bloodline Journal. Last time I talked to George he was on his deathbed in the middle 80’s. George and I had some similar stock from some Creed’s dogs. These dogs were based off Louis Baker’s dogs Shorty and Jack.
These were from the Red Devil bloodline.
George Christie sent Herbert Swafford Red Devil bred dogs to TN.
Clarence Yates sent Herbert Swafford (Bred like Spike) and Earl Adams dogs that created Cajun Lulu and Sunset.
If Red Boy was truly from the dogs from TN. This would explain the Hemphill/Red Devil look from Red Boy dogs that are ¾ or pure. I don’t believe this stock is from the Storm’s Dibo but from stock bred similar to her.
By the way, George also owned littermates to Ch. Iron Spike R.O.M.
I believe Red Boy is 75 to 80% Red Devil from Frank Creed of his Corvino/Clouse breeding
from his Stabber and Red Devil dogs.
The rest, 20 to 25% was of Hemphill blood of Herbert Storms or George’s stock off Wilder’s Mitzie,
(Spike’s older brother and sisters or litter mates).

Bass’ Cleo’s pedigree has never been in great question. Cleo’s father was Loposay’s Cash. Cash’s father was Loposay’s Bouncer. Bouncer was a littermate brother to Wise’s Sister Sue, inbred Ross’ Red Devil.
Thus making Bass’ Cleo 25% Ross’ Red Devil bloodline.
If you believe Bass’ Red Boy Tramp’s pedigree is correct his dam would be Mcleod’s Susie Q Gal. Susie Q Gal’s dam side would be Frank’s Sugar, Sugar’s mother’s side was pure Creed bloodlines from Rizer’s Bonnie, her sire was Geltz’ Tuffy, Ross’ Red Devil’s littermate brother, Bonnie’s dam was Lady Elgin, Lady Elgin’s pedigree appears in the old Your Friend and Mine published by Pete Sparks.
If my memory serves me right when Lady Elgin was bred to Tuffy it was line breeding like grandfather to granddaughter.

So whichever way you want to believe that Red Boy dogs are bred the FACT remaining is,
there are Ross’ Red Devil bloodlines in the Bass’ Red Boy Tramp bloodlines.

Ross’ Red Devil was predominantly made up of Corvino’s Shorty bloodline. Shorty’s sire was Bruce’s Jerry,
Jerry was from Con Feeley stock of the “Old Family Reds”.

Information that is available from books and internet.