The Real Pitbull

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Save Pitbulls from extinction


Save the Pitbulls from extinction

A podcast conversation with Chico Lopez
Historian / Creator and developer of the Golden Vein Bloodline ! The Modern Old Family Ref Nose
The history of the American Pit Bull Terrier
The birth, growth, transformations, development, rise to consistency, and the destruction of it.
Breeders, kennels, camps, delusional dog fighters. The death of the last Dogman.
Those born in the late 1990s have no chance to ever see a real APBT, a pit bull. They saw other dogs using the same name Pitbull, yet were impostors. Dogs like the blue nose pitbull, giant pitbull on Netflix, xl, XXL, and bullies are not real pitbulls. Those dogs may be good pets on some levels. They may have the sparkles of a real dog, yet they also hurt people. The dogs killing people are not real APBT, but are those who are pitbull-type of fake pitbulls. Study and learn your history .
Pitbull University is a free source to learn the truth about the real breed.

save-the-pitbulls-from-extinction                                                                         THIS BLUE DOGS IS NOT A REAL PITBULL


fake pitbulls

                                                                                 Google, youtube is full of fake information

Help Us educate. One can own the dog they want. However, use the right names. When one of those dogs kills or hurts someone, the government makes laws against pitbulls and hurts the greatest American Dogs.
Plus it robs children to have the inspiration of growing up with real dogs. It also devalues the great dog created by hard selection during decades of sacrifice. Most people have no idea what is a real pitbull.
The Registries such as the UKC and AKC are not experts on the breed. They are just third-party services that register dogs. Under all those registries, the breed has been deformed. What did they do? Too little to nothing. The real guardians of the breed are those few real dogmen who add value to the breed. Help spread this message.


The American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed that has been around for centuries, yet it is now facing a serious threat of extinction. The real Pitbulls, bred for their original purpose of hunting and fighting, are being replaced by fake Pitbulls that are being bred solely for their appearance.

These fake Pitbulls come in a variety of colors and sizes, such as blue, blue nose, XL, XXL, and giant Pitbulls. These dogs are often marketed as being rare or exotic, but in reality, they are simply mixed-breed dogs that have been bred to look like a Pitbull.

The problem with these fake Pitbulls is that they are often bred without any consideration for temperament or health, and they are often aggressive and unpredictable. This is not true of the real Pitbulls, which are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and friendly nature when properly trained and socialized.

The breeding of fake Pitbulls is also contributing to the overpopulation of dogs in shelters, as many of these dogs are abandoned or surrendered by their owners when they realize they cannot handle their behavior or health issues.

It is important for those interested in owning a Pitbull to do their research and find a reputable breeder who breeds for health and temperament rather than appearance. By supporting responsible breeding practices, we can help ensure the survival of the real Pitbull breed and prevent the further proliferation of fake Pitbulls.

The real Pitbull breed is in danger of extinction due to the rise of fake Pitbulls that are bred solely for their appearance. By educating ourselves and others about responsible breeding practices and supporting reputable breeders, we can help preserve the true nature and characteristics of this beloved breed.



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