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About Global Gr Ch Athos from Bucha Ukraine

Alice is the owner of Soter the great. She loves her dog and as she said “ The best dog in her life “. On this conversation. We just arrived a day before from Ukraine into Miami with Athos. The champion of Hope the Unbreakable dog born in Bucha Ukraine. He was protecting his home when the Russian soldier wanted to steal everything from his home. He was a home defender. His buster got killed by Russian grenades. He survived and stood against the tyrants invaders. The neighborhood so this developed and feel they had hopes to never give up. We rescued Athos in our Mission “ Saving the General Athos “ He is sensational. !! She spend a few hours with and already has a strong opinion on this real ACe hero. Post your comments. 806-500-5552 #athos. #athospitbull #athosapbt #oldfamilyrednose