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Chico Lopez, WBC ambassador and pit bull breeder: “American pit bull terriers connect with humans in ways that other breeds don’t. They’re very kind with all people, but they connect in a very strong way with a boxer. They give you a lot of energy and positive vibes.

“I’ve been breeding these dogs for 27 years. One of Canelo’s representatives, a friend of mine, said that he wanted a puppy. I told him, ‘I will give him one of mine that I named ‘La Reyna,’ which means ‘the queen.’

“We sent Canelo pictures of the puppy taking a bath, going swimming with my wife. I made a little book for him, showing the puppy’s father and mother. When she was 4 months old, we brought the puppy to Canelo. We met him at a restaurant in San Diego. Canelo and I shook hands. He thanked me and [asked what he owed me]. It’s a $150,000 dog. But I said, ‘It’s an honor for me to give you this dog as a gift.’

“He grabbed her, put her on the floor and started playing with her. He was very happy. He thanked me again many times and then asked, ‘Does she have a name?’ I said, ‘You can name her whatever you want.’ And he asked again in Spanish, ‘How do you call her?’ I said, ‘I call her the queen.’ And he said, ‘The queen she is going to be. That’s a great name.’

“He likes the greatest things in life, the best horses, the best watches. So if he has a dog, what will he name her — Tortilla? No, he will name her something great.”


Canelo Alvarez, the Mexican boxer, is known for his love of dogs and has recently welcomed a new addition to his family: a red nose pitbull puppy named La Reyna. The puppy was a gift from renowned breeder Chico Lopez, who has been breeding red nose pitbulls for over 30 years and is the creator of The Golden Vein bloodline.

This is not the first time that Canelo has shown his love for dogs. In fact, he has been known to give out gift bags filled with puppy supplies to fellow boxers, including Mario Lopez. In an interview with ESPN, Canelo shared that his love for dogs comes from his upbringing, where he was always surrounded by animals. He believes that dogs are loyal and that they can teach humans important lessons about loyalty and courage.

This connection between boxing and pitbulls is not a new phenomenon. In fact, many boxers have owned pitbulls as their pets and have even credited them with giving them courage and strength in the ring. The pitbull has been a symbol of strength, loyalty, and determination in the boxing world for many years.

Chico Lopez’s red nose pitbulls, in particular, have been sought after by many boxers and celebrities for their tenacity, loyalty, and athleticism. His breeding program is based on extensive selection of the best exclusive members of the most elite bloodlines and his expert eye for making the right combinations. This has resulted in consistent, high-quality puppies and dogs that are known for their strength, agility, and loyalty.

The connection between boxing and pitbulls extends beyond just owning them as pets. In fact, there are several boxing gyms that have incorporated pitbulls into their training programs. The dogs are trained to be loyal companions and to provide emotional support to the boxers during their training and fights.

In conclusion, the connection between boxing and pitbulls is a long-standing one, with both being symbols of courage, strength, and determination. Canelo Alvarez’s love for dogs, particularly his new red nose pitbull puppy La Reyna, is a testament to this connection. With the help of breeders like Chico Lopez, the legacy of the pitbull in the boxing world will continue to thrive.


  1. Chico Lopez’s red nose pitbulls have gained popularity among professional boxers, including Canelo Alvarez.
  2. Canelo Alvarez recently got a new puppy from Chico Lopez’s breeding program called “La Reyna.”
  3. Pitbulls and boxing have a connection of courage and strength, as both require discipline and tenacity to succeed.
  4. Chico Lopez’s breeding program focuses on selecting the best members of the most elite bloodlines to produce consistent, high-quality pitbulls.
  5. Pitbull Talks, a mentoring program started by Chico Lopez, aims to educate the younger generation about the true nature of pitbulls and the importance of responsible dog ownership.
  6. Canelo Alvarez’s love for puppies and animals is well-known, as he has been seen giving gift bags to dogs and has a soft spot for them.
  7. The bond between Canelo Alvarez and his new pitbull puppy, La Reyna, is a testament to the loyalty and companionship that dogs can provide.
  8. Chico Lopez’s success as a breeder is due to his extensive experience and expert knowledge in selecting the right members of the best bloodlines to create the most consistent and high-quality puppies and dogs.
  9. The connection between boxing and pitbulls is not just limited to Canelo Alvarez, as many other professional boxers have owned and trained pitbulls.
  10. By choosing a reputable breeder like Chico Lopez, owners can ensure that they are getting a pitbull with a good pedigree and the expertise and knowledge of a true dogman.


  1. Q: How did Canelo Alvarez come to own a red nose pitbull from Chico Lopez? A: Canelo Alvarez met Chico Lopez through their shared love for pitbulls and decided to purchase a puppy from his Golden Vein bloodline.

  2. Q: What is the significance of Canelo Alvarez owning a red nose pitbull from Chico Lopez? A: It shows that Canelo recognizes the quality and expertise of Chico Lopez as a breeder and values the traits and characteristics of the red nose pitbull.

  3. Q: How does Canelo Alvarez’s love for pitbulls relate to his career as a boxer? A: Pitbulls are known for their courage, loyalty, and tenacity, traits that are also valued in the sport of boxing.

  4. Q: What is the connection between pitbulls and the sport of boxing? A: Many boxers are known to own pitbulls and value their loyalty and fighting spirit, which reflects the same qualities that are important in the ring.

  5. Q: How does Canelo Alvarez show his love for puppies outside of boxing? A: Canelo has been known to give out gift bags filled with puppy supplies and toys at events, showing his love and support for puppies beyond just owning a pitbull.

  6. Q: What is the purpose of Pitbull Talks, the program created by Chico Lopez? A: Pitbull Talks is a mentoring program created by Chico Lopez to educate and guide young generations in understanding the true history and characteristics of pitbulls and to become responsible dog owners.

  7. Q: How does the Pitbull Talks program benefit young generations? A: The program helps to prevent misinformation and the breeding of fake pitbulls, while promoting responsible dog ownership and respect for the breed.

  8. Q: How does Canelo Alvarez’s ownership of a red nose pitbull from Chico Lopez promote responsible dog ownership? A: By owning a well-bred and well-trained pitbull, Canelo sets an example for responsible dog ownership and the importance of choosing a reputable breeder.

  9. Q: How does Chico Lopez’s success as a breeder of red nose pitbulls impact the breed and its reputation? A: Chico Lopez’s success as a reputable and knowledgeable breeder helps to improve the reputation of the breed and combat the negative stereotypes often associated with pitbulls.

  10. Q: What can we learn from Canelo Alvarez’s love for pitbulls and his support for programs like Pitbull Talks? A: We can learn the importance of responsible dog ownership and the value of the pitbull breed, while also recognizing the important connection between the breed and the sport of boxing.

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