The Real Pitbull

Victor AYCART and Global Gr Ch Athos from Bucha Ukraine

The American Pit Bull Terrier at the highest level in the planet. Can only be known by measuring those things that matter. On Athos he is part of the most glorious family of APBT in the history of the real breed. Over 200 tittle dogs related to him !! Athos is the only Global
Gr Ch dog on earth during 2022. All these and the Russians invited Ukraine. They stood Statuonnin his town of Bucha killing innocent people. They Rob abs vandalized homes. Not his home, they saw him strong with his sister Rakata. So they throw grenades to the dogs. Instantly killing Rakata. And Hurting Athos. He moved like a ninja the neighbors told on an interview in Bucha.

Once they seen they could not stopped him. They got a local
Alibi dog , central Asian Shepherd, almost triple his side. Athos dismantle him. Athos was badly hurt protecting his home. Never left his house. Stood for dead. The neighborhood was watching for him and on the next day they said he was alive.
The Russians lost against him. He stood in his home waiting for his kids to come back. He was rescued by Roman and the soldiers national forces. He was taken to the hospital and after surgeries survived. Nicola Kovalchuk co owner and partner worked hard to save him. Chico Lopez traveled from Brasil to Ukraine to bring him back. The Documentary is coming soon. The trip into a war zone country to preserve the best dig on earth.

For his puppies and what is required to be an owner. 806-500-5552
No Breeders of any type are welcome.

Only private life professionals , CEO’s and great people are welcome.



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