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American Pitbull Puppies

https://vimeo.com/720723248 The experience is unique. Visit our page PitbullExpert.com ! You will learn the facts that matter about the American PitBull ! This is for those who want the undisputed best of the best real pitbull. No mutts only the best. Learn about Chico Lopez.806-500-5552 #oldfamilyrednose#chicolopez#pitbullpuppes#pitbullbreeders Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Pinterest Telegram

Saving ATHOS – Real Pitbull from Bucha – UKRAINE

https://vimeo.com/719476354 Athos was hurt by a Russian GRENADE Saving our beloved real pitbull ATHOS from Bucha – Ukraine. Героям слава “The love for my dogs goes beyond frontiers! My admiration goes beyond my dreams; their merits go beyond my grave.”Chico Lopez08.20.2010 Salute to our heroes our beloved friend Roman and Nicola who worked so hard …

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