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How many types of pitbulls

How many types of pitbulls

How many types of pitbulls are there, and what is a real pitbull? These are important questions that many dog lovers and pitbull enthusiasts often ask. The term “pitbull” is often used to describe several different breeds of dogs, but there is only one true American Pitbull Terrier (APBT).

The real pitbull, also known as the “Velvet and Steel” dog, is a strong, muscular, and athletic breed that was developed in the United States in the 19th century. This breed was originally used for bull-baiting, dogfighting, and hunting wild game. However, over time, the APBT became a beloved companion dog that is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and bravery.

Chico Lopez, a renowned dog trainer and behaviorist, is one of the foremost experts on the real pitbull breed. His golden vein and red nose pitbull puppies are recognized as the real pitbull worldwide. Chico Lopez has spent years working with pitbulls and educating the public about the importance of preserving the true APBT breed.

Unfortunately, there has been a boom in fake pitbulls in recent years. The breeding of mixed breeds and the promotion of these dogs as pitbulls has caused confusion among dog enthusiasts and has led to a rise in dog attacks by bandogs and bullies. Many of these dogs are sold at high prices and peddled by breeders who claim to be selling real pitbulls.

One of the most common fake pitbull breeds is the blue nose pitbull. These dogs are often marketed as rare or exotic and sold at high prices. However, blue nose pitbulls are not a distinct breed but rather a color variation of the APBT. The same is true for other so-called pitbull breeds like the XL, XXL, and giant pitbulls.

The mixing of these fake pitbull breeds has led to the dilution of the true APBT breed. The old street-level pitbull, which was a non-pedigree dog bred from dogs mainly bred by pet owners in the neighborhood, has disappeared. In its place, we have a flood of weaker and less authentic dogs marketed as pitbulls.

Chico Lopez Collars for Pitbulls are designed specifically for the real APBT breed. Made from high-quality leather and equipped with strong hardware, these collars are built to withstand the rigors of daily use. They come in a range of stylish designs and can be customized with personalized nameplates or other decorations.

In conclusion, the real pitbull is a strong, athletic, and loyal breed that is distinct from other breeds marketed as pitbulls. Chico Lopez’s golden vein and red nose pitbull puppies are recognized as the real pitbull worldwide. As a pitbull owner, it’s essential to understand the difference between a true APBT and the many fake pitbull breeds being sold today. By preserving the true APBT breed, we can honor the legacy of these remarkable dogs and ensure that they continue to be beloved companions for years to come.

How many types of pitbulls are there?  How many dogs can be mixed and still be a pitbull? What is a real pitbull?  Are Blue nose real or fake pitbulls? 

Many questions asked.  There is a broken link with dog and pitbull fanciers from the mid 1990s who just did not ever see a real Pitbull or a street-level pitbull.  You see the street-level pitbull was a nonpedigree dog bred from dogs mainly bred by pet owners in the neighborhood.  That dog had sparkles of the real dog, The real gamedog, the dogs OF VELVET AND STEEL.

When the fake pitbulls became super popular, they were promoted socially at large. A boom of dogs sold at higher prices.  The breeders in neighborhoods, who breed the common pitbull wanted the blue fake pitbulls, bullies and peddled them hard.  Decades of those same dogs water down, and you find that the old street pitbull vanished, and the xl, XXL, blue nose, giant pitbulls on Netflix too over.  

The Mixing of those dogs created a boom in dogs attacks by bandogs, bullies, all under the banner of Pitbulls.   As they peddled those dogs within 20 years, the blues also became cheap dogs sold by every hustler in the corners, now with websites and fancy kennels. The same hustlers that profited from the street-level pitbulls and real pit bulls, started to sell fake pit bulls. So someone in their 20:s or 30s in 2023 has little to no chance even to understand that all pitbulls they know are fakes.  A pack of cowards, the opposite of the real American Pitbull Terrier or APBT.

How many types of pitbulls?

There are two types,

The real breed by the framework, and the rest all weaker till turning into a super fake dog.

There real pitbull is like being pregnant, you are or you not. If your dog was bred by nobody, then you have a pet that you need to love. Yet you don’t have a real pitbull, PERIOD


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how many types of pitbulls







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