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Honeybunch PITBULL Bloodline 2023




As an author, writer, and historian of the APBT, I am simply writing events of the old past, on location mostly in South America !

This is truly a fantastic intriguing bloodline, the names of Champion Honeybunch, attached to her breeder Maurice Carver, and Crewnshaw by way of her sons who dominated in a big way.  I will add way below some historical articles about those extra sons, siblings who made huge waves during the late 1970s, and 1980s.  

By 1990 when I entered the breed, the 3rd and 4th generations were getting linebreed and some imbreed.  The most sounded breeding was of Honeybunch and Champion Bo, and Champion Otis.  The Otis breeding with Honeybuch made Grand Champ Snake and The Breeding with Bo made Ch Jeep and his littermates, one of them Champion Missy!  This was explosive in producing talent. Those families will come from two littermates, one ROCCA’ S Stonewall, and the other  Crewshaw’s  Ronnie

Both made their own history.  Yankee Boys Champion Mechanic , and Yankee Boy Champion Shorty, a son of Champion Jeep x Crenshaw Dolly, were the two top studs of the 1990 decades. Seen their  Pictures on The ADBA Gazette and The Sporting Dog Journal.  The son of Ronnie, Champion Machanic ROM was a fantasy of a dog.  He looked the part and was a wrecking ball.  The expectations were high, he produced 3 champions and was bred a lot, heavenly Inbreed and line greed on Jeep, honeybush, and Ronnie.   His best sons for a long time, without a doubt, were Champion Gunner and Chico Lopez’s Joker and Chico Lopez Roxi, Chico Lopez’s Rukus.  Many heavy Honeybuch breeding made with Mechanic as Stud turned to duds.  After a decade it was just nice pedigrees and dogs that did not even look the part.

Champion Mechanic was sold to Turkey and was bred there, yet the results were poor.  For me, it was clear that my ability to pick up a puppy and being inside the building of Pitstop kennels helped me pick up the best dogs on my own.  The same alien ability to pick up dogs with the clinical eye, I had an advantage over the others who purchased by pedigrees.  I was able to get the cream of the cream, alone picking puppies, testing them, and putting them back till I found the best.

Champion Mechanic was flat in production by the 2000s, cheese breeders and doggers breed lots of those tight dogs; I laughed at their ways of things, a collective level of BURRISE or ignorance.  I knew I had to be tactical and patient, be poise and wait for the proper dog.  I had the frozen semen, so his future was secure in my vision and execution as an elite breeder-creator. 

The Stonewall dogs in their own right, were developing well in the hands of a mountain man in Arizona, Dale Desert rat.  His dogs were a little crossed, yet the best of the Stonewall dogs, a few champions were made.   I thought of the two lines crossing when my friend Erik The Dr from The north, made me aware of an opportunity to use one of the daughters of Champion Doc Holliday. Nice looking dog.  The development was not as hard as one of the other dogs, yet they passed many of the Honeybuch qualities and biomechanics.  The Breeding of the Cathalistic dog Champion AWESOME BUCK to the Thinker, the daughter of Doc Holliday ( She would become the second female in the ROM list right under honeybuch after decades in one single breeding, she never produced anything when bred to a long list of other dogs, )  was approved and rolling, with the campaign of a few chosen It went to become the number one litter in all the breed history. Wow dethrone the  Ch Bo x Ch Honeybunch breeding producing greats.   The only litter to ever produce the next level of APBT The Global Gr Champion  Chilindrina DOG OF THE YEAR and her littermates Global Grand Champion Copperhead  BIS dog of the year, Global Champion Carmela Soprano BIS dog of the year, Global Champion King Amok,  Awesome Molly, and Awesome Cricket.  It was this last female toothless who was supposed to be an ACE, which I used in Brasil 2012 to the semen I held of Champion Mechanic.  By now, the Mechanic frenze was dead, he was not a ROM dog, and he had passed in Europe.  He was out of sight and out of mind.  Then I created the best son he ever had, the best HoneyBuch in history, seriously better than Honeybuch herself. Private dogs, named by his fans in Brasil ” The Butcher’s Knife”  The stories of this amazing loving pet, that when hunting wild hogs would take chucks right of the wild beast, The dogs would bite so hard in a minute they would piss and shit on themselves.  Hunting was legal and this guy was a throat specialist, if he hit the Hog he was bacon.  The butcher knife was one shot one kill.  At home, he would enjoy watching tv, and going to Plano Piloto the center of Brasilia where he would meet other pets smaller dogs who he was a friend with.  This badass APBT was also a lover of children.  He passed of old age.

In 2013 we traveled the earth, and by 2014 we landed in Kyev, Ukraine with the daughter of That Global Grand Champion Copperhead dog of the year, her name was Copperday, a daughter of Grand Champion Mayday ROM out of Frozen semen.  This was amazing  She was a hero walking in the city of Kyiv with pedestrians saying hello and being the most loving dog, the day after winning her weight-pulling competition over  EX -USSR Champion Xena.   Them the story of The kids of Machick Buck in Kyiv started with Mykola Kovalchuk coming to Brasil to pick up a pregnant mother, Global Champion Deadly Speed ROM. Wow, they turned into the best dogs, Global Champion Rakata, the ace, Global Champion Pechenka the cookie monster and the hero of the Ukrainian was the one and only Global Grand Champion Athos from Bucha!  

Today the best Honeybuch dog in history is still Mechanic Buck, who has 8 points on his run !!  His percentages are incredible. Exclusive of The Golden Vein Bloodline.  Only available with Chico Lopez.  Today these dogs make great humans happy as family pets. 

From Cris Cyborg to Terence Crawford to Hands of Stone own these great dogs as pets.  They are denied to breeders, and to kennels.   private and exclusive stock Putting the best dogs on earth in the hands of the best humans. 

while these dogs were being developed.  Socialty in all their ignorance, declared war on the real American Pit Bull Terrier.  They created the fake pitbulls  The blues, blue nose, bullies, xl, XXL, and mutt giants on Netflix.  The era of the fake pitbulls. 

Also, the gamedog breeders on their ignorance destroyed all the bloodlines. Having the most delusional idea that if a dog is on a pedigree is quality, without  THE MAN WHO CREATES THE DOGS, THE BRAND, THE REAL DOGMEN.  Yes, they called themselves dogmen, yet they are pretenders, hiding under flashy kennel names.

The very last real American Pitbulls are alive a few for chosen men. 

I was born for this Chico Lopez, cheers from Brasil.

All rights belong to Chico Lopez

1994 The dream of this combinations

cheyenne and joker

1994 The Bronx, NY, 

I was crazy to discover the best pitbulls on earth.  I learned of Mayday and learned of the great Honeybuch dogs.  In 1994 I made my first run to create this combination that made Global Grand Champion Athos and his sire Global  Champion Mechanic Buck ROM BIS.  I wanted great pets, and I felt I could do it.   Here in this above picture, you see history, Young Chico Lopez was doing something special.  No digital cameras, or cellphones. I took this picture with a disposable 35 MM cartoon camera.   There it was The Son Og Mechanic hand-picked by me, and  The mother of Champion Awesome Buck ROM, hand-picked by the same clinical eye.   I understood I was gifted and I trusted I was making history. I put these puppies on top of my bed against the will of an upset ex-wife.  Those are the kinds of THE GOLDEN VEIN>   I never got to breed them but they were the vision. 

Your friend 

Chico Lopez

I hope you fell in love with these dogs of ours and you qualified as an owner, I can change your life and make you the happiest 


Are blue nose pitbulls real pitbulls?

No there are not, since never in the long heritage of the real APBT has been a single legendary dogman creator who developed the.  Those dogs became popular in early 1990.  They are not real pitbulls.

The history grows as Pets

ATHOS and his puppies TODAY




I am sure you may feel bad about not knowing the truth of these great dogs and fell bad for all those souls lost calling pitbulls a bunch of mixed-breed dogs.  Help us educate; please share.

The link below takes you to discover Athos From Bucha.

PITBULL war hero


The experience is unique. Visit our page ! You will learn the facts that matter about the American PitBull ! This is for those who want the undisputed best of the best real pitbull. No mutts only the best. Learn about Chico Lopez.




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