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APBT Breed standard


American Pitbull Terrier Breed standard, All you need to know !

A breed standard is a template to identify characteristics of a dog that may qualify him to be a duplicate of the dog in the breed, but it cannot guarantee that he is the breed. Most people won’t tell you that. The breed standards were created by desk people, not field people who understand the breed deeply. The AKC desk people and the UKC desk people are examples of this. The UKC breed standard has one advantage: they used images of dogs developed by real dozens of this time, including Earl Tudor. The first time a breed standard was created by a man who was active deep in the breed and genius was in 1974 when Del Brandstrom, a partner, and a long-time friend of Ralph Greenwood, made the breed standard. He modeled the pictures of Tudor’s ACE, including the dimensions. That is the standard that the ADBA uses.

The biggest mistake people make with breed standards is thinking that they are a guarantee of quality in a dog. There has never been a top-of-the-top show dog that is better than the most elite dogs in the world. Then you wonder why this is. It’s because the standards were based on dogs that already existed, except for the American Staffordshire Terrier, which was made out of thin air to absorb the APBT and stay away from the UKC, for purely competitive business reasons. The AKC did not have the creators of the breed behind them; what they had was desk people with ideas and processes of work that they used on other breeds.

So, the APBT is the only breed with a true process, and for over 80 years and for most of the development of the breed, the process was “best to best.” This was done by creators, breeders, doggers, and fanciers of the breed. They did not need a standard as the best dog was the breed, and the idea was to breed the best males to the best females, create consistent bloodlines, and bingo! It’s not so easy in every community; you have the 80/20 rule, where 20% do the work, and the other 80% are just fillers or babies in the process. Not in the APBT. The rule is like 99/1, as less than 1% are those that create bloodlines and build great things with a vision, and the other 99% are dog owners, breeders (cancer), doggers, fanciers, etc. So, the best dogs come from the most elite men, not show people.

In 2014, the same man, Del Brandstrom, strolled over some pictures of GR CH and Champion. He saw one picture and said, “This is the most perfect APBT I have ever seen; this is the standard.” What dog is this? Well, it was Siega the Great, bred by Chico Lopez and one that was the Dog of the Year, the Global Grand Champion, and Best in Show. The biomechanics and everything were the dog. He said, “It is amazing how, after so many years, I can pick up the best dog by looking at the form and standard. Siega proves to be the most perfect dog in every way; she is the update of the breed standard.”

So, the process of “best to best” was called the framework of the breed. The best female is bred by the best male, and the APBT is that best dog. I remember when Mayday, yes, GR CH Mayday ROM, came in 1996; he was the best dog on earth and he was the breed. Siega was the best dog on earth both breed by elite dogmen, One by Ernest Hollingsworth and One by Chico Lopez. Both were developed by the Framework and the mind of the master breeders. the breed standard of the American Pit Bull Terrier is essential for maintaining the integrity and purity of the breed. While the breed standard is not a guarantee of quality, it provides a set of guidelines for breeders to produce dogs that match the desired characteristics of the breed. The APBT breed standard was created by dogmen and enthusiasts with deep knowledge and understanding of the breed rather than desk people without field experience.

The APBT breed standard is based on the Picture image and character of the best dog of the breed. Siega The Great in Pictures and Videos, sweet with Children and other dogs, playful, and joyful. The best Wild hog hunter has ever seen. Like a Guiden Himars, one shot, one kill. The Standard is a guide so you can be like a real dog. The framework is a process where the breed was created, including: the physical structure and functional abilities of the dog, which includes size, weight, body proportions, muscular build, and TEMPERAMENT

Siega The Great, bred by Chico Lopez, is a global grand champion of the breed standard. She IS the update of the breed standard, created by Del Brandstrom based on the dimensions of Tudor’s ACE. Siega The Great’s biomechanics and overall form make her the perfect representation of the breed standard.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a loving and loyal dog known for its “dog of velvet and steel” temperament, making it an excellent nanny dog. With responsible breeding practices, we can ensure that the breed continues to thrive for generations. Now you know why I protect The Golden Vein from breeders. 

~Chico Lopez~ article authorized by Chico Lopez.

What is the size of a Pitbull APBT ?

Regardless of what you read now in days online . The breed APBT or Real Pitbull branded by Chico Lopez was never measured. Instead, they are weight in Peak condition.  A man that knows the breed can see a dog and tell the approximate weight and be very accurate.   The right question is

What are the weights of the real APBT or  Pitbull?

Males 34 to 55 

Females 34 to 47 

Pounds Condition weights. 

If you ever see a man asking for the proper breed size of an APBT. he is new or blind.


The breed standard of the American Pit Bull Terrier has been a subject of great importance to dogmen and enthusiasts alike for many years. It is the framework of the breed, and the only real method of preserving and building the breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier, or Pitbull. Chico Lopez, a renowned breeder and authority in the breed, emphasizes the significance of the breed standard in maintaining the true essence of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

As a creator of the Golden Vein bloodline, Chico Lopez has made great contributions to the breed. He has bred some of the finest examples of the American Pit Bull Terrier, and his dogs have gone on to become champions in various categories. Among his dogs, the Global Grand Champion Coppery ROM BIS, Global Grand Champion Copperhead Dog of the Year BIS, and Global Grand Champion Chilindrina Best in Show and Dog of the Year, stand out as the epitome of perfection in the breed standard.

Siega The Great, another dog from Chico Lopez’s kennel, is a global grand champion dog of the year and an excellent representation of the breed standard. She is a perfect dog, a perfect pet, great with kids, and a great example of the breed’s temperament. Siega The Great is the last update of the breed standard, which was created by Mr. Del Brandstrom, a great dogman and the man who gave so much to the breed.

The breed standard is not just about the physical attributes of the dog but also includes the temperament and behavior. The American Pit Bull Terrier is known for its loving temperament, and it is often referred to as the “dog of velvet and steel.” This is why they are also known as nanny dogs. However, with the wrong breeding practices and poor genetic material, the breed’s temperament and behavior can be compromised, resulting in aggressive and unstable dogs.

Chico Lopez is not only the creator of the Golden Vein bloodline, but he has also opened ADBA clubs in South America, Mexico, Spain, and Indonesia. He has given real APBT seminars in 17 different cities to promote the love for the real breed and understanding the real breed. Chico Lopez emphasizes that XL, XXL, blue nose pitbulls, and giant pitbulls are not connected to the glorious breed, and they are dogs that people have mixed as pets without any regard to the breed standard.


In conclusion, the breed standard of the American Pit Bull Terrier is crucial to the breed’s survival. It is the framework that guides breeders to preserve and build the breed. Siega The Great is the last update of the breed standard and a great example of the American Pit Bull Terrier. Chico Lopez’s contribution to the breed is immense, and his dogs are excellent representatives of the breed. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a loving and loyal dog, and with responsible breeding practices, we can ensure that the breed continues to thrive for generations to come

Bullet points 

  • The conformation standard of the American Pit Bull Terrier is important for preserving and building the breed.
  • The framework of the breed is the only real method for maintaining the breed’s integrity.
  • The conformation standard used by some clubs and registries comes from dogs created by real dogmen.
  • Desk people have little or no field experience in the breed, which makes their interpretations of the breed questionable.
  • Judges and show winners may not fully understand the functionality of the body structure of the breed.
  • Few judges have the additional field experience needed to do a good job, and even fewer can do a great job.
  • The cultural communities present a significant challenge among clubs from different registries.
  • A favor-getting and favor-paying under-table system hurts the average show person.
  • The real APBT is a loving dog and is often called the “dog of velvet and steel”.
  • The temperament of the real APBT is what makes it a great nanny dog, and it is important to preserve the breed’s real bloodline.


10 frequently asked questions related to the breed standard and framework of the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT):

  1. What is a breed standard? A breed standard is a set of guidelines that describe the ideal characteristics, appearance, temperament, and function of a specific breed of dog.

  2. Why is the breed standard important? The breed standard is important because it helps to maintain the integrity and purity of a breed by providing a clear description of what the breed should look like and how it should behave.

  3. What is the framework of the APBT? The framework of the APBT refers to the physical structure and functional abilities of the breed. This includes the dog’s size, weight, body proportions, and muscular build.

  4. How is the APBT breed standard developed? The APBT breed standard is developed through a collaborative process involving dog experts and breed enthusiasts. The standard is periodically reviewed and updated to ensure that it reflects the current state of the breed.

  5. What are the key characteristics of the APBT breed standard? The key characteristics of the APBT breed standard include a well-proportioned and muscular body, a broad and deep chest, a strong and powerful jaw, and a short, smooth coat.

  6. How does the breed standard impact the health of the APBT? The breed standard can impact the health of the APBT by influencing breeding practices. If breeders focus solely on achieving a specific physical appearance without considering health, it can result in health problems for the breed.

  7. Can APBTs be shown in conformation events? Yes, APBTs can be shown in conformation events if they meet the breed standard. However, not all APBTs are suitable for conformation events, as they are primarily working dogs.

  8. What is the difference between a working APBT and a show APBT? A working APBT is trained for a specific job, such as hunting or protection work. A show APBT is bred and trained primarily for conformation events.

  9. Can APBTs be good family pets? Yes, APBTs can be good family pets if they are well-socialized and trained. They are known for their affectionate and loyal nature.

  10. Are there any breeds that are similar to the APBT? There are several breeds that are similar in appearance to the APBT, such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. However, these breeds have their own distinct breed standards and are not interchangeable with the APBT.

The Breed Standard

The Updated conformation of the APBT 2023 is Siega The great
The Updated conformation of the real American Pit Bull Terrier is Siega The Great.

” The conformation Standard of the American Pit Bull Terrier, comes after the framework of the breed.  It is the frame work the only real method to preserved and build the breed, American Pit Bull Terrier, or PITBULL.” By Chico Lopez

There is only one real American Pit Bull Terrier. There are many interpretations, or so call representations or images of the real deal, yet there is only one real deal.

The conformation used by some clubs and registries around the world comes from dogs created by real dogmen, in most cases.  It is known that desk people have little or no field experience in the breed. Reading books, magazines, or hearing stories is all great, yet it does not give a pet owner or a person the real experience needed to know the working conformation of a real APBT deeply.  I have seen this in judges, and in show winners, even some that are famous.  There are many dimensions of the breed, and even dogmen can’t understand the functionality of the body structure.  I have seen judges that would pick up a greyhound-looking dog because that is how they interpret the conformation standard given by a club or registry. The ADBA uses a conformation standard that was written by real dogmen, Mr. Ralph Greenwood and Del Brandstrom. It is the last man who had a strong breed vision and a lot of book knowledge as well. He draws the standard by hand using a real working APBT to do so.  Many clubs use this same standard written by him.  Yet few judges have the additional field experience needed to do a good job, and even fewer can do a great job.  Cultural communities is the biggest challenge among clubs from different registries. The groupies of show people who later become judges and favors among small groups is a vast human cultural problem.  This situation it developed all by itself in different areas around the world.  This favor-getting and favor-paying under-table system hurt the average show person.  The dogs used on conformation many of them are very close to the real American Pit Bull Terrier, and many look great. I always encourage people to show their dogs. I wish all my buyers would participate in conformation shows. Since my dogs are the real APBT and many judges don’t know one even if it was on their lap, I don’t see my dogs placed in many shows, yet it is excellent to support the breed and do positive activities for the breed. In the case you may run into a good or great judge, as it has happened many times, you will have lots of fun.

Mr. Del Brandstrom


The Man that gave the breed so much! The man that created the breed standard that most registries use. It was actually created for his dog partner and close friend, Mr. Ralph Greewood.   Here Del Brandstrom and Chico Lopez, on a visit to his home where I learn a lot about the breed and the real dogmen of his times. Privilege information that I will share on my books ( When I get to write them )

We all need to be forever thankful to the great Mr. Del Brandstrom.

One great memory of this great gentleman is when he called me, ” Chico, you are the guarding of a standard ” ! I treasure those words.  Therefore, I do work sometimes as a conformation judge. For some time I did helped the ADBA judging for them, yet as times have changed and they feel pressure from snowflakes , we went as friends. I still help them with clubs and as an Authority in the breed people asked me a lot about them and I always put a good word.  As a registry that is the one that has the heritage  of the old dogmen registering their dogs with them, to me that is their biggest asset. When men like those and men like me trust them.

I dont do judging for the ADBA any longer. Yet the man that created the ADBA breed standard is Del Brandstrom. We are good friends, and he calls me  ” The Guardian of The Standard ” A very deep topic that is like nails and fingers to the very survival of the breed.

One picture is worth 1000 words

” PRICELESS WORDS from the source of the breed standard  “


To have a good idea how the standard is going with events vs the work of the elite dogmam. Look at the following picture.  

Side by side The Old Global Champion The Bgamna at 8 yeas old over the First Top dog in history. The dogs were conditioned on show day and Bagman was retired toothless and just going to his pen.  The Top dog competed on conformation, weight pulling, race treatmills, wall climbing, and something else of citizen class I think..   Check out The old dogs like an F35.

Bagman side by Side with First Top Dog Grand Champion Show
8 years old The Bagman vs Top Dog Grand Champion Show dog on show day


~Mr. Ralph Greewood~


A great dogman in his own right and one to that we all owe something today. He purchased the main registry of the breed, the ADBA, many years ago. He has passed, yet his influence on the breed is present today.  I hope his family, who runs the ADBA, always stays loyal to the real dogmen and the real apbt.  The people I know at the ADBA respect the real APBT and the men who built and created the breed, and I hope stays like that.

Siega The Great


This is a sample of greatness at every level. She is a perfect dog, a perfect pet, great with kids, and a Global Grand Champion Dog of the year!

As I mentioned before, the man that created the APBT standard, at least the best APBT standard, is Mr. Del Brandstrom. One day I sent him pictures of several conformation champions and several working dog champions. I asked him to pick up the best-conformed dogs. He picked a picture of Big Apple & Aycart`s Grand Champion Haunch as being a very lovely dog, and his favorite pick which he called the perfect conformation dog, was no other than Siega The Great. Wow, without him knowing he was getting two dogs that are the real mc coy! That happens when great dogs are being checked by the man who created the conformation standard.

Everything comes in levels in this world. Experiences somethings is confused with tenure on the job. I remember a sample by a mentor where he said, just cause you have 30 years doing something does not really mean you have 30 years of experience, as many times is really one year of experience and 29 years of repetition. Most people are afraid to write this thing even if they thought about them, just cause they fear peer rejection, or not being policy correct. I am far away from being a snowflake, so I will always write things as they are.

Exciting things are coming here! So you can learn about this too !!

The road to success is always under construction.

Working on finishing this page.

Stay tuned and I’ll see you soon.

For the best puppies on earth,


[email protected]

All copywriting , owned by Chico Lopez.


Mr. Del Brandtrom is a super hero for the breed. his contributions are immense. In 1952 he united the cajun rules which played a massive role into the form and the biomechanics of the modern American Pit Bull Terrier.

In 1974 he created the breed standard that is used by the ADBA today,

in 2014 He Updated the standard calling siega the great the most perfect dogs he ever seen while flipped  pictures of grand champion of all times and so grand champions show dogs. How smiled and the sparkle in his eyes was priceless when he was told is was breed by Chico lopez and that was a the Global grand champion, best in show and the DOG OF THE YEAR.

He had been away from owning dogs for over a 50 years and still got it. He picked the best dog on earth , just by the standard, it was a magical moment. 

The picture above is when we first met.  He wanted to meet that crazy young man That was different and wanted to save the breed.  I am honored by our respect and friendship. Today he is 86 years old, loves Boxing and gives boxing classes. He used to be a professional boxer, and pretty good at it. Came out on several newspaper articles of the time.

He punched a bin on the frame of a door in his house and that thing was scary. He isa real pitbull himself.   Good bless him.



All these dogs bellow are real apbt , breed by CHICO LOPEZ

This very drawing created by Del Brandstron I have picture of the originals seating on his table that one day I will published on my books.  That was Tudor’s ACE.


Heritage American Pit Bull Terrier Conformation Standard®



Here is the UKC conformation and is based in the work of the grand father of the breed Earl Tudor in the 1950.  This is the first me i see it and i dont like it is not the real APBT standard .  You must understand that the founder of the UKC gave the breed the glorious Name APBT, yet after generations and over 100 years , they sell the companies or their children and grand children have not interest on the breed. It is only a bussiness 


The AKC are desk people with zero knowledge of the field experience of a super dogs. because of fanatical difference with the UKC they said that they rejected the pitbulls and created from  pitbulls the American Staffordshire terrier . The  real dog dont need the approval of desk people to be the real breed , the original dogs and the best American dog.  The mutts called pitbulls in neighborhood are mostly from AMSTAFF mixed by pet owner , yet they love to use the name of the real dog Pitbull.  I hope I added value to your understanding of the APBT aka Pitbull. Remember the the xl, xxxl, giant, blue nose, blue pitbulls are not real pitbulls.


with love and passion your friend and the friend of the real dog 

Chico Lopez

Del brandstrom

A gift from Del Brandstrong  and an honor ” Friend Chico – GUARDIAN OF THE STANDARD. DELBRANDSTROM 06-12-2015

The Book from Bobby Hall Bullyson and his sons 2, has the interesting story of Jimmy Boots  matches . It mentions the past as part of the breed heritage. Maybe you agree or not , remember was before you was born. You can not  judge the past, judge yourself.  Now Del Brandstrom is mention on the book and he made a nice dedication ” TO A REAL DOGMAN CHICO “


why do pitbulls pull hard

The Standard has many dimensions, and most people only look at biomechanics. It also has to do with Temepraments. The original perfect dog had the best temperament.   WHAT CAME BEFORE THE STANDARD?  THE FRAMEWORK.   AS IS THE FRAMEWORK, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART  


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