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The Story of Tomahawk – A Champion APBT

Tomahawk is a result of the careful selection and breeding by Chico Lopez, a renowned breeder of American Pit Bull Terriers. In 2002, Chico had a vision of a breeding that would produce one of the best dogs in his kennel. The result was Tomahawk, a dog that embodies the best qualities of Chico’s Honeybunch and Awesome Buck bloodlines.

Tomahawk is an outgoing and friendly dog with a great personality. Her breeding is a combination of Champion Awesome Buck ROM and Thinker ROM, both dogs with exceptional pedigrees. But what made Tomahawk truly special was the addition of Champion Mechanic ROM, a direct son of Ronnie ROM, and a grandson of Jeep. The combination of these bloodlines created a dog with great potential.

Tomahawk’s abilities and potential were evident from an early age. She had a calm and easy demeanor, but when she wanted something, she would go all out. As she grew older, she became more like a missile, with explosive speed and power. She was a great performer in games like tug-of-war and chasing capybaras. She was so fast that no hog could outrun her.

Tomahawk was bred to Awesome Mayday and Global Champion The Bagman BIS, producing litters of top-quality puppies that are now scattered around the world. But Chico Lopez doesn’t sell his dogs to just anyone. He only sells to responsible owners who share his passion for the breed.

One of Tomahawk’s pups went to a friend and a world champion boxer, Terence BUD Crawford. Chico respects Terence not only as a boxer but also as a man and a father. Tomahawk’s legacy lives on through her exceptional offspring, and her impact on the breed will be felt for generations to come.

In conclusion, Tomahawk is a testament to the skill and dedication of Chico Lopez as a breeder. Her breeding is a result of meticulous planning and a deep understanding of the breed’s history and genetics. Her legacy serves as an inspiration to breeders and dog lovers everywhere, to strive for excellence in their breeding programs and to always prioritize the well-being of the dogs.

  1. Tomahawk is one of Chico Lopez’s best breedings, a carefully selected combination of his Honeybunch and Awesome Buck bloodlines.
  2. Her pedigree includes Champion Mechanic ROM, a top dog in the country known for his exceptional qualities and 50% Honeybunch blood.
  3. Chico Lopez envisioned bringing together the brothers Ronnie and Stonewall, both out of respected dogmen and sired by Ch Honeybunch, and Tomahawk is a product of this vision.
  4. Tomahawk has a friendly and outgoing personality with a great capacity and explosive energy when playing games like Tug A War or chasing after prey.
  5. She is a machine when it comes to hunting and chasing, with no hog able to run faster than her.
  6. Tomahawk has been bred to Awesome Mayday and Global Champion The Bagman BIS, producing top-notch puppies with genetics that can change entire countries for the better.
  7. Chico Lopez does not sell his dogs to breeders and only places them in great American homes as pets.
  8. One of Tomahawk’s puppies was given to Chico Lopez’s friend, World Champion Terence BUD Crawford.
  9. Tomahawk is a great example of the Real American Pit Bull Terrier at the highest level, carefully selected and shaped by a dedicated breeder.
  10. The legacy of Chico Lopez and his breeding program continues to inspire breeders and dog enthusiasts worldwide.

34 pounds
The purest of the Real American Pit Bull Terrier
Bred by Chico Lopez


100% one of the best Chico Lopez breedings.  I planned this somewhere around summer of 2002. Dreamed that this would happen in the future.  As the idea stated shipping , I was able to recognized the idea of Nephew back to his aunt, both tittle dogs. What I did not know is that they would be this great. Global dogs was still not in my thoughts.

She is a very out going dog, with a friendly great personality.  She is a perfect convention of the best selection of my Honeybunch dogs and my Awesome Buck breedings.
On the top and bottom she has the magical breeding of Champion Awesome Buck ROM x Thinker ROM. This combined with Champion Mechanic Rom , mad it superb.
Champion Mechanic ROM was always on of my favorite dogs in the late 1996.  His qualities were well known on those days as being one of the top dogs in the country.  His pedigree was very very special being 50% Honeybunch and being a grand son of Jeep and  direct son of Ronnie ROM.  What most people don’t  understand is that, Ronnie and Stonewall were litermates. Both out of some very respected dogmen of those times in the 1980`s and out of Gr ch Slate and Ch Missy, both out of Ch Honeybunch.  I envision to put these bothers together some how. This was clear to me the opportunity. Thinker ROM, bred by Dale Robertson was a Stonewall based female.  The blood was at a road block as Dale Robertson had told me. Yet I knew that I would make magic with Awesome Buck and bringing Ronnie up to the plate.   Champion Awesome Buck is the catalytic effect maker here, and is till know the magic behind all my dogs.  These combinations I invented using the friendly loving monster Global Champion Mechanic Buck BIS are the future !!  Great news will continue to come out of my laboratory !!


As a breeder , I always look at every detail to make that image of greatness in my head better and better. The Real American Pit Bull Terrier at this level is mostly unknown to society.  What most people call Pitbulls are not near in any way to this carefully selected and shaped dogs.  Tomahawk is an impressive dog of a great capacity. I originally called her La Sarita as I love the race car La Sarita , a drag racing Toyota Starlet with a Rotary engine , with a super explosive take off.  Since a puppy she was just like that calm and easy, and when she really wanted something , she would go 1000%. With time , she became more like a missile , flying at cross with explosive violence on her games, of  Tug A war, or chasing a Capivara down the pond.  No hog can run faster than her. She is like a machine. At home she is so nice and sweet , with kids and strangers.  I bred her to Awesome Mayday and made some amazing puppies that are around the world.   I also bred her to Global Champion The Bagman BIS, these made pups as well that are top shelf material. The genetics on both litters can change entire countries for the better. Yet I don`t sell to breeders.  On of these pups went to a friend who I respect as a man,  as a father , World Champion Terence BUD Crawford #TerenceBUDCrawford.The Tomahawk


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