The home of The Real Pitbull, ( American Pit Bull Terrier ) . As there are many dogs that society , breeders, pet people the media etc confuse with the real breed. Here you will find powerful information about these wonderful animals. My name is Chico Lopez and I get 1000s of contacts a month about the breed.  All my life been in love with dogs. Had my first dog when I was just 4 years old.  Also love all breeds, but it was till I meet the APBT when I discover my true love and passion . This took me on a journey , The quest for the real best American Pit Bull Terrier. Just like you at the beginning  , everything that was told and found on the breed was wrong in some ways or others.  Yet the tremendous curiosity to discover more and more about these dogs had me on this amazing journey.

Just like most of you , the first things I heard were the negative false stories. Killer dogs, dogs that their jaws lock, dogs that are out of control etc. Some of it was true, yet they were actually talking about street level mutts, breed by ignorant and irresponsible people.  Then when I fatally discover an APBT of some quality , the entire world open up to me, the bloodlines, the stories of the warriors behind it, the dogmen etc. Believe it or not a famous APBT magazine almost had me buying bullies as if they were APBT. Thanks to a real dogman , I learned not to make that huge mistake.

I do believe that The best American People deserve to own a real pure or the purest kind most merited American Pit Bull Terrier.

To walk feeling proud that honest men for over 120 years have breed a pure American dog, from best to best and hold with pride and honor the mystic, the stories of the great warriors behind his dog. To see on his wall the pictures of the ancestors, the pedigree of his dog,  etc.  This to me as a young man in The Bronx would have been all I ever wanted. I would have not gone on a quest for 20 years to discover and create my own bloodline of the purest more merited American Pit Bull Terrier. I gave my life , my time and I risk so much to finally create this great family of dogs know today around the world as AWESOME BUCK DOGS, or just Chico Lopez dogs.

Enjoy my page, share it with your best friends and family, let them too informal themselves about the breed in general, and about The Real American Pit Bull Terrier.

This page is being build , is under construction more exiting articles will be added.

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