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Champion Honeybunch

Champion Honeybunch



The world of game dogs is filled with fascinating stories of breeders and their champion dogs. One of the most prominent names in the game dog world is Chico Lopez, the creator of The Golden Vein bloodline of red nose pitbulls. Among his many famous dogs, one that stands out is his global champion, Mechanic Buck ROM, often referred to as the Butcher’s Knife for his impressive wild hog hunting skills.

He protected a few acres against Jaguars , wild hogs and Capivara in Brasil., Born in Brasil, passed away in Brasil.

The story of Mechanic Buck begins with his lineage, which can be traced back to the legendary game dog breeder, Howard Heinzl. Heinzl’s breeding program was based on the famous Crenshaw dogs, a line of American Pit Bull Terriers that were known for their tenacity, athletic ability, and loyalty.

Mechanic Buck was born from the breeding of heavy champion Honeybunch,  was a well-known and respected dog, Champion Mechanic , and a daughter of Chico Lopez’s  Awesome Buck.

From a young age, Mechanic Buck showed great promise as a pet.  He possessed incredible drive and determination, and atletisim ability was second to none. But what truly set him apart was his versatility. He excelled not only in the pit, but also as a hog dog, and his heavy mouth made him a formidable opponent for wild hog or intruder to the home he protected .

Mechanic Buck’s impressive abilities were recognized by pet community, and he quickly gained a reputation as one of the best game breed  dogs in the world. 

But Mechanic Buck was more than just a champion Wild hog hunter. He was also a beloved pet and companion to Chico Lopez and his family. Mechanic Buck’s gentle and affectionate nature earned him the nickname “Nanny Dog,” and he was often seen in videos playing with children and other animals.

Despite his incredible success in the Hunting dog world, Mechanic Buck’s legacy extends far beyond the conformation shows, and weight pulls. He is remembered as a loyal and loving dog who embodied the best qualities of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Mechanic Buck’s story is just one example of the incredible history and legacy of game dogs, and the important role they have played in our culture. Chico Lopez’s breeding program continues to produce some of the best Real American Pit Bull Terrier  in the world TODAY, and his commitment to the preservation of the breed is unwavering.

In conclusion, Mechanic Buck is a true icon in the Elite APBT world, and his legacy lives on through his impressive lineage and the impact he has had on the breed. His story serves as a testament to the power and resilience of the American Pit Bull Terrier, and the important role they play in our lives.

  1. Champion Honeybunch, one of the most famous game dogs of all time, was a direct dog from the legendary breeder Carver from Texas.

  2. Mechanic Buck ROM, owned and bred by Chico Lopez, was one of the most successful game dogs in history, winning the prestigious Global Championship and numerous Best in Show awards.

  3. Mechanic Buck ROM was known for his heavy mouth and tenacity as a home protector, as well as his loving nature. He is the sire ( Father of Athos )

  4. Chico Lopez’s dogs, including Mechanic Buck ROM, are known for their loyalty and affection towards their owners and families.

  5. Champion Honeybunch and Mechanic Buck ROM are both celebrated for their courage and fighting spirit in the dog fighting world.

  6. Despite their reputation as game dogs, Chico Lopez’s dogs, including Mechanic Buck ROM, are beloved pets and companions to their families.

  7. The legacy of Champion Honeybunch and Mechanic Buck ROM lives on in the breeding programs of top dogmen and breeders around the world.

  8. Chico Lopez’s dedication to the breed and his expertise in breeding and training have made his dogs some of the most sought-after in the American Pit Bull Terrier  world.

  9. Mechanic Buck ROM’s accomplishments in the Farm life and as a family pet prove that game dogs can be both fierce Protectors and loving companions.

  10. The stories of Champion Honeybunch and Mechanic Buck ROM serve as a testament to the rich history and enduring legacy of the game dog culture, and the importance of responsible breeding and ownership.

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