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Chico Lopez’s CHEYENNE ROM


cheyenne rom



We we started to build our bloodline. It was all about the most supreme real pitbull on earth. We needed to select from the best dogs based of the 1970, 1980. One of the was a recommendation directly by who was the GOAT of those times my dear friend Victor Aycart.  It was the convention breeding of those dogs that he bred. One being Aycart  Crash and Aycart Tarna both owned by a guy called Gary Bell or red tide kennels.  The Golden vein was the future of the game dogs, and the future of the old family red nose, calls today The Modern Old family red nose as most OFRN breeders breed pedigrees and not top level individuals . 

A huge mistake made all across the breed at those times.  I was looking for individuals so I hand picked Cheyenne from this litter. The guy wanted me to have a different puppy. Yet I had a blessing, I was born with a clinical eye for great dogs.  She was supposed to go to John Bemus the great STP kennels. Yes the same man that owned STP;s Gr ch Buck ROM.  I was just a rookie, yet i was dead serious, and I was Chico from The Bronx. We had some hard words and walked away with Cheyenne.  I was dead serious on trusting this gift that i knew I was blessed with.   

Cheyenne with time became my foundation female, dead game herself, and a 2 time winner in the old days.  She was breed to this dog on the picture on top on the left in the year of 2000 and I had a huge break. Aycart Macho was the dog on the left and he was a son of gr ch Mayday rom x Aycart Blondie.  I had seen all the best sons of Mayday live by that time. I had freed access to Gr ch Haunch and Gr ch Barracuda, Yet I seen a few minutes of Macho 1xw, owned by some dispensable tutu fruit boys, he was my choice.  I paid a stud and i created the great Awesome Buck ROM.  Some may say a lucky break. I call it GOD blessed that young man that walked dogs till dawn.

Cheyenne was loved by everyone. her personality was of positive energy, love, hard drive, wanted attention and always protective of al of us.  My dear friend Franzel Tongol from Texas loved her so much.  He was the only man other than me that i gave a son of her. He was name Dirty Bastard.  She lived  inside the house will go to conformation shows as i will be adding pictures here. My son Francisco Jr love her so much. When she passed away was a very sad morning. I knew she was going so i wanted to stay alone in the house and she slept with me a few nights prior.   I made her a promised her children and generations would be the best dogs ion earth. Many times facing adversity, my legs go soft , and them I remember this one promise and kept on going. I think my now i have done good on this promise. 

Cheyenne ROM

Cheyenne was ana amazing Pet !! The Best Hollingsworth breed dog not breed by Holingsworth

 is a name that holds a special place in the history of American Pit Bull Terriers. She is the mother of the legendary champion dog, Awesome Buck, who was bred by Chico Lopez, the creator of The Golden Vein bloodline.

Cheyenne Rom was bred by  RTK  Gary Bell and was a product of his breeding program that focused on creating high-quality pit bulls with excellent pedigrees. She came from a long line of champions and was known for her impressive build, athletic abilities, and outstanding temperament.

When Chico Lopez acquired Cheyenne Rom, he saw her potential as a breeding dog and began to pair her with the best studs available. One of those studs was Macho 1xw , a dog breed by AYCART,  The breeding between Cheyenne Rom and MACHO 1XW  produced Awesome Buck, who would go on to become a champion dog himself.

Awesome Buck was a standout dog, with impressive physical traits, intelligence, and a fierce spirit. He was an excellent representative of The Golden Vein bloodline and helped to solidify Chico Lopez’s reputation as a top breeder of American Pit Bull Terriers.

Cheyenne Rom’s legacy lives on through her offspring, including Awesome Buck and his descendants. Her impact on the breed cannot be overstated, and her bloodline remains highly respected among pit bull enthusiasts and breeders.

In conclusion, Cheyenne Rom was a remarkable pit bull who played a significant role in the breeding program of Chico Lopez and the development of The Golden Vein bloodline. Her breeding with Macho 1xw ROM produced a champion dog who would go on to become one of the most famous dogs in the breed’s history. Cheyenne Rom’s legacy lives on through her offspring, and her impact on the breed will never be forgotten.

  1. Cheyenne Rom is the mother of the champion Awesome Buck, a beloved dog in the breeding world.
  2. Chico Lopez has a deep appreciation and admiration for Cheyenne Rom due to her outstanding qualities.
  3. Cheyenne Rom is known for her athleticism, loyalty, and intelligence.
  4. Chico Lopez values these traits and has incorporated them into The Golden Vein bloodline.
  5. Cheyenne Rom’s bloodline has been a crucial factor in the success of The Golden Vein.
  6. Chico Lopez believes in breeding from the best, and Cheyenne Rom represents the best of the breed.
  7. The Golden Vein’s commitment to breeding excellence is exemplified by the use of Cheyenne Rom’s bloodline.
  8. Cheyenne Rom’s contributions to the breed are immeasurable, and her legacy lives on through The Golden Vein.
  9. Chico Lopez has expressed his gratitude for Cheyenne Rom and her role in the breeding world.
  10. The Golden Vein is proud to continue the tradition of excellence started by Cheyenne Rom and her offspring, including Awesome Buck.

The story to be continued !



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Awesome Buck was all i thought day and night.  my dreams started to take form.  The real American PitBull Terrier . The some of Cheyenne ! The Cheyenne dogs. The crazy daisy was giving me master pieces.


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