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Chico Lopez – The American Pit Bull Terrier is my life

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~ The American Pit Bull Terrier is my life ~

It has taken me into a fantastic journey around the world, not even hollywood can make a scrip better than my life with this amazing breed. As time allows me, more stories will be added to this website, please be patron with me, I am just starting to get the hang of it, and I write in between breaks.

My name is Chico Lopez. I found these great breed while living in The USA in The Bronx NY. Later I move to Texas with 54 dogs, Today I live 2 hours away from Brasilia Brasil. I have travel the world developing my own bloodline or family of dogs AWESOME BUCK ROM DOGS.

For over 12 years I did not share or sell dogs out from my program to the public. I did travel the world over 56 cities around to meet, study, and develop my own perfection. I dedicated my life to the breed, serving it in many areas. Leading and developing leaders around the world with clubs, Giving breed seminars, from Indonesia, Mexico, Europe, and South America. Teaching people about The Real Pitbull. There is so much I want to tell you about the breed, my finding , history , my travels , places we been and the stories of these great Vikings , the great spartans made of Velvet and Steel.


Our awesome yard is located one hour away from the capital of Brasil. We traveled to the USA every month. Have family in a few states. Friends and clients all over this great nation we love so much.

Those who came to our place always said, it is one of the most functional facilities they ever seen.

We have visitor , top dogmen and fanciers from: China, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, USA, Mexico, Belgium , Germany, Spain, Czech Republic , Moldova, Kazakistan , Thailand, Canada,

We ship all over the world, and most people that buy our pups can’t get just one, so most of our buyers are retired buyers.

We are govern by Brasilian Laws which we respect and follow.


The best pups in the breed for sure. You and anyone that loves the real American Pit Bull Terrier can enjoy our great Velvet and Steel dogs.

Human friendly , super athletic , Loving the best experience anyone can have with a real alpha male type of dog. Caution NOT GOOD FOR SNOWFLAKES.

We breed and own more top dogs at a global level than any breeder, or dogman on the last 2 decades. Number are strong, and the merits are all top notch. Many make claims that can’t back them up. Absolutely no-one can come close to our family of dogs, and the merits hard by these dogs. We are constantly producing the best dogs in the breed today. That is why so many top class people conatc us for dogs every single days, from all over the world. Famous legends after famous legends , over and over. When top historian like Mr. Richard Stratton after over 40 years of writing for the breed , said this about just one of our dogs.

” The Bagman. This is a great Bulldog in every sense of the word. He is smart, and he has freaky athletic ability—and he can’t be made to bite a person, as his disposition is just that good. The pups he has sired all look like him, nearly exact replicas. If they turn out like him, a storm is coming because The Bagman is something special, an international champion. He has it all: gameness, smarts, and crazy ability ”

” The Bagman, modern dog that can be candidate to the best dog in the world”

~ Richard Stratton ~

No dogs or studs sold in South America.

Breedings from our awesome studs, and females available at times. Contact Direct @ 281-226-0370

*Yard Trips*

Our yard trips are two days in the yard and it cost $2000 for person, and you get a city tour ( Brasilia ), and get to talk in person with Chico Lopez for at lease 4 hours a day. All parties interested need to book 3 months in advance. Walk with Chico Lopez.

*Breed Seminars*

We also offer seminar of the breed. We have given breed seminar is Brasil, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Italy, Czech , Indonesia.

One day Seminar needs to be booked 3 months in advance. There are a 3 level courses . The client pays all transportation sand accommodations .

The price for a one day is $3000.00 US to a group no bigger than 50 people.

*Conformation shows Judging*

International breed Judging is important. Our experience show us , that Dogmen and show people most of them lack deep knowledge on conformation understanding , and REAL APBT standard. We have a very unique privilege information and on hands experience on this matter.

Have judge in USA, Brasil, Spain, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Italia, Ecuador , Colombia

Prince for a one day Judging start at $1500.00

*Personal guidance and couching*

Needs to be approved and booked 2 weeks prior. Over the phone or chat, 1 hour , $150 dollars

English, Spanish, and Portuguese

*Web seminars *

All need to be schedule 1 month prior prices vary

For more information as the page is under construction.

281 -226-0370

[email protected]