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DOGMAN, The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), also known as the real pitbull, has a rich and storied history. Throughout the years, it has been bred and developed by a select few individuals who were passionate about the breed and dedicated to its improvement. These individuals were known as dogmen, and their contribution to the development of the breed cannot be overstated.

The early dogmen were passionate about creating the perfect fighting dog, and they dedicated their lives to achieving this goal. They bred dogs selectively for their physical traits, intelligence, and fighting ability. This led to the creation of some of the greatest dogs in history, including legendary dogs like Ch. Tudor’s Black Jack, Ch. Carver’s Pistol, and Ch. Crenshaw’s Jeep. These dogs were not only exceptional fighters, but they were also intelligent, loyal, and loving companions.

While dog fighting was once legal and widely accepted in many parts of the world, it is now illegal and considered unethical in many countries. However, it is important to recognize that in the past, dog fighting was considered a legitimate sport and was enjoyed by many people. The early dogmen were not criminals or thugs, but rather respected members of society, including doctors, lawyers, and other professionals.

The bagman , Red nose pitbull Puppy. Chico Lopez dogs. Real Pitbulls . Pitbull Breeder
Red nose pitbull Puppy. Chico Lopez dogs. Real Pitbulls . Pitbull Breeder

Today, the real pitbull is often confused with other breeds that are commonly called pit bulls, such as the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. These dogs are often mixed breeds or poorly bred specimens that lack the traits that make the real pitbull such a great dog.

Chico Lopez, the founder of our breeding company and a well-known entrepreneur and BREED ambassador, has dedicated his life to educating people about the real pitbull and advising them to stop breeding the popular mutts responsible for the accidents attributed to the real pitbulls. His breeding program focuses on breeding APBTs for temperament, health, and conformation, rather than for dog fighting. The result is some of the best pitbulls in the world, with exceptional physical traits, intelligence, and loyalty.

At, we want to promote responsible ownership of the real pitbull and educate people about the breed’s true nature. We believe that the game dogs from the branded best elite dogmen are the best pets, and we have debunked many of the lies and misconceptions surrounding the breed.

The real, pitbull is a breed that has a rich and storied history. While dog fighting was once legal and widely accepted, it is now illegal and considered unethical. However, it is important to recognize the contributions of the early dogmen, who dedicated their lives to the development of the breed. Today, we continue to promote responsible ownership and educate people about the true nature of the real pitbull.

Without DOGMEN, THERE IS NO REAL PITBULL.  The dog pet breeders, profiteers, and KENNEL CLUBS, backyards breeders, hobby breed and call pit bulls lovers created mutts.  They collectively failed next to the real pitbull; they come up short as dogs, as pets, and in every way you can.  THE  most RARE COLOR OF A PITBULL IS A REAL PITBULL.  

MERLE, BLUE, NU FUNK , all mutants . 


I understand your concern regarding the extinction of the real American Pit Bull Terrier and the importance of preserving the breed. It is true that the breed has faced many challenges over the years, including stigmatization, illegal dog fighting, and the proliferation of fake pit bulls. However, there are still dedicated breeders like Chico Lopez who are committed to preserving the true APBT and passing on their knowledge to future generations.

Chico Lopez’s dedication to breeding the best possible APBTs is evident in his use of the Best-to-Best method and the creation of The Golden Vein bloodline. He is a true dogman who has honed his craft over many years and has a deep love and respect for the breed. Through his breeding program, he has produced some of the best pit bulls in the world, with a focus on temperament, health, and conformation.

 We are committed to promoting responsible ownership of the real APBT and educating the public about the differences between real pit bulls and the fake pit bulls commonly found in the market.  WE WANT THE BEST HUMANS TO OWN THE BEST DOGS EVER.   THE CHOSEN FEW PEOPLE OWN THE CHOSEN FEW DOGS.   We believe that by educating people about the true nature of the breed and the importance of responsible ownership, we can help preserve the APBT for future generations.

While it is true that laws have changed and dog fighting is now illegal and considered unethical in many countries worldwide, it is essential to recognize the historical significance of the APBT and the role that dogmen played in its development. The real APBT is a unique and special breed, and it is essential to preserve its heritage and promote responsible ownership to ensure its continued existence.


The Real Dogman~


How to build new DOGMEN  is over , the ecosystem is broken.

The most important element on the breed of the real American Pit Bull Terrier. Also the most missed understood and the most missed used word in the breed.

I will be writing extensibly on this topic.  For me this was one of the most important task to get accomplished. I have sealed with all kinds of people in the breed, 10,000 of thousands, yet meet just a hand full of top level dogmen.  No company, or entity  can make someone a real dogman, even of their awards or books may say so. History remembers as dogmen , men like the one with the dog on his lap. Being a dog owner did not make him a dogman, being popular did not make him a dogman, what made him a dogman is made of many special things.  I know this will break the hearts of many fanciers, yet those who are honest understand, that just be cause you play the ball , don’t make you a great ball player.

Every breed has its own Dogmen that created the breed in particular.

Men that know the elements that are necessary to create that breed.  The APBT has been changing for many years and today many pretenders that are just dog owners, or fanciers of the breed call themselves Dogmen. However they are just pretenders !

The society and those con artist groups, who pay lobbyist in the USA control the already corrupted laws makers, bribes etc.  They control wikepedia and have written all kinds of lies of what a dogman is.   A dogman is not a cruel man who makes dogs fight for his entertainment, that is a gambler.   Sadly many countries in the world assumed that anything that comes from the USA is good , so they imitate idiots. The snowflakes  and liars have the society fooled and manipulated, they try to demonize the real dogman and the real American Pit Bull Terrier.  I am in Brasil South America, yet I lived in the USA since 1987 till 2008 and I can tell you that I know them well.  The real dogmen love their dogs, and their dogs are the best dogs in the world.

The case is that with out real dogmen every breed is doomed.  The pet people , pet breeders local level breeders, all destroyed the breeds. In a world of globalist where no races should exist , so they love mutts and not pure breed, not functional dogs.

The Dogman is the last protector of every breed.

  1. Chico Lopez: Lopez is widely regarded as the most elite dogman in history, having bred over 200 little dogs and producing some of the most exceptional dogs in the ring. He is also known for breeding his dogs as pets, and is considered an ambassador of the breed.

I don’t sell dogs for the purpose of fighting them, NOT at all.   I sell all my dogs for the joyful of a great companion, best friend, and the best experience anyone can live. I have enjoy many years of loving caring for the best American Pit Bull Terries. The real deal. Dogs that in their selection don’t have the interference of average breeders, marginal dog owners, manipulation of registries what ever.

I want you to buy a puppy from me and enjoy him at the fullest , have the best experience raising your best friend. Tell your friends so they can come and get more from me. I don’t want anyone breaking your locals laws.  For example If you live in India Respect your cows, if you live in the USA you can enjoy your favorite stake.

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