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“ Only the best, connecting the greatest APBT in history with the best American Families today. “

Espn Chico Lopez

10 reasons to own our PUPPIES


1. Excellent temperaments for a variety of environments. From companion pets, Sports training partners that won’t give up on home and family protectors

2. Perfectly proportioned and balanced puppies. The Biomechanics, standard size of the actual dog. Structure of the best dogs in history.

3. Easily trained as “nanny dogs” for families with young children. Smart in ways you can’t imagine. The level of understanding is unreal. The human-to-puppy connection is a great feeling.

4. Known for their loyalty and devotion to their owners. They are willing to choose you even over themselves. Ready to protect your life anywhere, any time. Brave and courage are in the DNA and selection.

5. Provides a loving and attentive companion for anyone.

6. High-quality, ethically raised puppies. Before, we spent time with the mothers with love. When the puppies are born are delivered with our assistance. They feel the love and human touch before they open their eyes. This activity makes dogs that are loving, secure, and brave.

7. Natural and long-lasting red nose colors. The origin color of the greats. Historically during the golden era of the breed, the red dogs became, by numbers, the best performing and elite producers within the real breed.

8. Customized nutrition, preventive care, and wellness programs. We provide 365 days a year the best nutrition a dog can have. We are making more robust, healthier puppies.

9. Genetically tested breeding stock guarantees healthy puppies. The first ever recorded Real American Pit Bull Puppy by Wisdom Panel is our dogs. After they had tested over 750,000 dogs in the USA and Europe and all did not make it as real APBT, instead Pitbull Types.

10. Open, honest, and supportive customer service. Our reviews and referrals are genuine. Our Instagram and Facebook accounts are blue-chipped, and you can see our customers with their dogs happy and enjoying the benefits of working with our program.


             Many people wonder without an answer.

  What is a real pitbull?

                                                                                    What is a REAL PITBULL?                                                                                                                                                     


    A Real pitbull, or real American Pitbull Terrier, is a dog made from the original FRAMEWORK best to best. During the founding years, only quality mattered. They discovered that the best family pit dogs were the best warriors. The dogs came exclusively from Brand Creators and breeders with a journey of quality and merits. Like buying anything, buy from the experts. We cover this topic in deep detail in other areas on this website. The brand of a Pitbull is important, pedigrees, the bloodline, matrix, and network. What kind of breeding decisions were made? And genetics? Merits? It is crucial to own a dog with consistent form and temperament.

                                                            What breeds were used to make a pitbull?

 Alice Costa Leiteand Athose from Bucha

Before they came to America, most two breeds an extinct Old Bulldogs and Terriers. After many decades in The American continent, what was important was the men and top dogs that created the Bloodlines. For example, in 1950, owning a Tudor dog was prized. During the 1970s, owning a dog directly from Maurice Carver was important. In the 1990s, owning a dog from Victor Aycart and Mayday was important. The top individuals, coming from the most branded dogmen now from them, are important for the American Pit Bull Terrier. Today the red nose American Pit Bull Terrier from our home has been dominant during the last 30 years, creating flagship dogs, dogs of the year, and winning around the planet. Everything we say we can back up!                                               

                                                                         When did the breed start?


Chico LopezThe American Pit Bull Terrier breed, aka PITBULL, has roots in the old continent. It started with Miners called Pitman in Irland. Boxing and the breed go hand in hand. And was in America where the breed started as Pitdogs, and by the start of 1800, there was a buzz. In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, the nanny dogs were also warrior-fighting dogs; during those years was customary to eat a steak today. The reports came out in the Police Gazzette, and Lawyers, judges, and the elite were active. The dog that gave the concept of American ” Underdogs and Top dogs ” Were the original dogs. The American Pit Bull Terrier, APBT Pitbulls, Started as the dogs in America. I need to note that The Old Family red nose dogs came from Ireland. Amazing story. Check The link about Richard Stratton.

                                                             How is the temperament of the real pitbull?Athos and a big fan Sampson Promotions                       

The most crucial question is, what is The best dog you will ever own? The dogs they call Pitbulls are Pitbull Type to have sparkles of loyalty, love, and drive from the real Pitbulls or real APBT. The most Amazing dogs are the Nanny dogs. You will adore the real deal if you ever loved a regular dog from the neighborhood, backyard breeders, or pet breeding called a pitbull.


                                                  WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF OWNING THE REAL PITBULL?


Imagine everything you ever wanted on a dog: temperament, athlete body, and spirit that never gives up. The REAL PITBULL IS NOT HUMAN AGGRESSIVE. The Real Pitbull is the dream friend; you can connect with this dog in ways you think he can read your thoughts. Do you love to run? He can run for miles. Royce Gracie, the first UFC champion and legendary BBJ star, owns one of Our Red Nose puppies, called Kali, and they run 10 miles each morning. PICTURE IS BRIDEGER WALKER, The kid who is a hero. Protected her sister from a vicious rescued dog who bite the side of his face. When asked why he went between the charging dog and his sister? He said , I am the big brother and i needed to protect my sister. Hero Child , meets Hero dog Athos from Bucha Ukraine.  Today he owns a puppy from Athos as his personal dog. That is when greats get together

                                                         Blue Pitbulls Real or NOT?

Fake pitbulls

Historically there has never been a real dogman or branded breeder with massive success breeding the Blue nose. They were never in elite homes from 1800 to the 1980s. I know that this may be hard for some owners. Yet knowing the facts and the truth is more important. So breeders that breed for fashion breed dogs that never belong to the APBT family and use the name pitbull—mixing other dogs into APBT. The Red Nose APBT is from a top dogman breeder that has created his bloodline for decades. The journey and personal pedigree of this man are essential. The brand of the dog is THE MAN WHO BRED THE DOG.

More information available at Pitbull University

                           OLD RED NOSE FAMILY ? 

Old Family Red NoseIt’s a deep topic, not as the OFRN that peddlers are offering, yet from the best game dogs on earth, and a great topic I love to talk about with my clients. The renowned book writer and promoter of the OFRN dogs, Richard Stratton, has an interesting article about the Modern Champion of the Old Family Red Nose, where he chooses the actual best representative of the OFRN. 

                                                       Why do you prefer Reds?                                  

Old family red nose puppies

The breed has gone into an incredible evolution during its nearly 200 of existence in the United States of America. The dogs immigrants brought here looked different, and many changes helped their development. The best dogs are the ones that were supposed to be bred. The Framework was to make the breed better. That is the reason why no hobby (pet) breeders were present during its creation of it. The fighting rules during the 1950s significantly changed the breed’s athletic look. The breeding decisions made by those real dogmen made massive changes. If the man had made the great decision, he would have had better dogs. It was always a competitive dog that made the best pets; the most stable dogs also turned out to be those with the biggest hearts and athletic abilities.

The changes happened because the unique members of certain bloodlines outperformed the rest. Those individuals became the center of the breed. The numbers and merits showed Old family red nose dogs to be some of the best. The serious dogmen gave preference to those individuals; It was clear to them by the 1990s and 2000s that the best-performing and producing dogs at pet standards and in breeding frameworks were 89% red nose dogs. Legendary animals like Tombstone, Buck, Awesome Buck, The Bagman, Siega The Great, and now the great Athos from Bucha, Ukraine, to mention a few. Also, the Buckskin dogs like Mayday or Mechanic buck, HoneyBunch. These are some of the best in history. 

So it is not just a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of facts. If the best dogs were blue nose, merle, or oversized dogs, history would tell us so. Yet those dogs are far from the best dogs. Fashion and money breeding destroyed the breed. Pet owners breeding their pets destroyed the breed. Lucky for some, there have been a few last men who have given their lives to preserve only the best, and that is one of the reasons why I don’t work with breeders, kennels, etc.




We are the brand that has created more legendary and flagship dogs in the breed’s history. Our journey uplifted the breed. Here you discover the apex of the Real American Pit bull Terrier.


The Framework of the original American Pitbull Terrier is at its best of it.

The nanny dogs, companions, and inspiration to never give up.


Welcome to our page. Some people called us the Holly grail of the American Pitbull Terrier. We want to be your number one and most trusted source of meaningful information on the real breed. Today more than before, doing your homework is pivotal to the results.

The difference in experience between the best dog and just a dog is oceans apart. The best, most accurate knowledge is needed to make the best decisions for you and your family.

We welcome you to learn and study the great benefits just as we search for what matters the most.

The great American 🇺🇸 hero of this country in the 1800s was a dog that would represent with courage and strength the family. Would protect the home even if it means putting life on the life.
The nanny dog would have that love temperament and influence the children never to give up.

By the late 1800s, Americans wanted a dog that would represent them.

A dog is a mirror match of your soul and character.
What better than the dog made of velvet and steel.
The dog gave America the concept of Underdog and top dog.

Americans were in competition in the wilderness as a new nation. This was their dog. They called it Pitdogs. Yet he was forged by American values.
The name had to represent the core of those values. So they named him The American
Pit Bul Terrier.

The most important part of that development was the character and journey of the men who are the creators and guardians of those special Ame rican dogs.

The dogs were always on a framework of completion.

That is so American 🇺🇸 being number one.

" The Bagman the Modern Champion of the Old family red nose " 


” The Bagman the Modern Champion of the Old family red nose “[/caption]

The breed was the best dog.  We learned about the breed from men whose parents were born in 1800, and we traveled the world on the only mission that matters. Only the best. We learned the hood, bad, and the ugly of history and the imminent extinction of the real breed.

During my search in 1990, I was blessed to have less information. Find thing the truth was easier. Today between opinions, ignorance, and fake news, the truth is hard to find.

We want you, if anything, for this your place to be where you discover the real APBT!

What is the Real American Pit Bull Terrier?

What are the benefits to you?

Why is it so crucial during every moment lived?

Why should these questions matter to you?

Again enjoy our page, and if you have questions, contact me by phone, text, or social media. With no obligation.

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We have the best, and we want the best life for our dogs. We want them to be your heroes.
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