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Real Pit Bull facts

Real Pit bull facts  ( APBT ) ?

 factsWhat is a Pit bull?

What is real and what is not real?

What size is a real pitbull?

Are there an XL or XXX pibulls?

How about miniature Pitbulls?

Does a registration papers guaranty a real pitbull?

Trust me I understand you

There is so much confusion around the world at every single level.  The information that anyone finds is usually the opinion of lookers, owners , breeders , hustlers, peddlers, desk people,  historians that tell the tails in the way they understand it and the worst of all the paid for play negative media in the pocket of humanists who hate the REAL APBT.  When I stated in the breed I had to research on books and at the local library computer. There were no lap tops , or websites that had much information on “American Pit Bull Terriers”

Around 1997 some websites and forums became available. The breeders, peddlers, with no idea what is a real APBT stated flocking the internet. It became worst for the average  man who wanted ONLY THE BEST “Pitbull”  Everyone had their own version of The Pitbull. All baseless and lost people. The spread of the “American Bully” happened like wild fire. Today the customers are wondering how they spend $5000 to $50,000 for such a waist of an animal. Buying for fashion hurt many people.


” The symbol of what AMERICA used to be, is the original APBT !

Courage, honor, braveness, freedom, code, legacy, heritage , endurance, relentless, never giving up. Those are short words to describe the real American Pitbull Terrier.

Created with honor for over 100 years of selecting the most docile, loving dogs that also possessed , strength and courage.

The APBT was the Symbol of American during the great depression, during WWI and WWII. Times were being a man was being like a pitbull. Honorable, courteous yet solid and unbreakable “

This below here is EVERYTHING !!These google results show all low quality animals, NOT REAL PITBULLS, NOT APBT.”

~The Real American Pit Bull Terreir ~

The Real American Pit Bull Terrier, has merits and a legacy of over 120 years, is fearless, strong with amazing drive , and is honorable, sweet and loving .

The great Champion Awesome Buck ROM  ” The dog of Velvet and steel ” The foundation of Chico Lopez dogs.


What is a  REAL Pit bull?

What is real and what is not real?

What size is a real pitbull?

Are there an XL, or XXX pibulls?

How about miniature Pitbulls?

Does a registration papers guaranty a real pitbull?

These are questions that millions of people ask themselves very time they think or hear the word PITBULL. The confusion and bad information , lies are huge. I have been bless to breed and own some of the best APBT in the world.  For the first years I was still confused. I realized that for many more years the entire truth was not clear to me. This maybe the most important chapter or link I will write. Everything I had learned was so confusing and today I want to make it easy to you understand . I will put some basic history and the right  direction of the real pitbull and the huge rest which is not real.

Let’s just say if you google Pitbull dogs, the pictures you will get are 99% not real Pitbulls, not real APBT.

There have been countless of articles written about the breed. Mainly by historians,  so this make sense to you.  I will tell you a little about my own path at my starting days on the breed.  Just like most of you,  I had confusing ideas of what was the Pitbull. I had respect, curiosity and fear all at once.  I knew dog looked amazing and very interesting.  If I only knew that was about to discover. The dog, the real APBT was greater, better  than everyone imagine.
After years of navigating, the truth came to me.  My world journey to over 56 cities and towns around the world, meeting  important dogmen, dog owners etc, soon the truth came to me.

I learned that most of the entire world, including the breed experts do not fully understand  that the American Pit Bull Terrier is only one. Only one real APBT, as Mr. Bob Steven said , ” The dog of Velvet and Steel”.  Awesome with humans, great with children and amazing athletic creation. Made by specific standards, measured by results.  That is only correct if it meets the standards of those who created to be AWESOME.  I learned that the more normal, pet people breeders, pet owners, the more wrong expectations and wrong breeding practices are made around the world. The pedigree on a dog is important, yet more important is the quality of the men that build the pedigree.  That everything comes in levels, from the men behind the dogs, to the tittles, to the people building or destroying the breed.

Here is an example of the ignorant society, when you google PITBULL, you get low quality interpretations , but not the real deal.Look at this picture .


Google has the wrong information. There are not real PITBULLS.

Here below is a real PITBULL

1.What is a REAL Pit bull?

real pit bull facts
Athos is a war hero from Ukraine and a real grand champion. Loving as ever . Made of velvet and steel.

The greatest dog on earth, if you measure loyalty, endurance, power drive, will to never surrender, competitiveness at the highest level.

A dog that is powerful and sweet , kind, nobel, loving all of these wonderful qualities on a dog. His history at his beginnings take us back to the 1800s.

Immigrants from England and  Irland brought with their families their fighting dogs. They were not APBT, instead they were mix breed, some of them called Half and Half.  Mainly a mix between  The old English Bulldog a powerful strong dog with a hard mouth and the terriers which had the speed, smarts and an amazing levels of never giving up, called gameness. It is gameness what really set apart the best families and the best dogs. The importation of these dogs came at different times, and in different levels of quality and mixing. It was thru an unwritten process that the dogs went developing and transforming adding size and selecting best to best in most cases. These method of selection of best to best happen in the creating of all working breeds, where performance is what matters. The quality of a dog is measured y results, not by pet-hood. Selection is the key of success of any breed, it is a also the downfall. Not having the right selection or the wrong methods destroyed a breed.

The Real Pitbull or APBT went on a process of selection of best to best for over 120 years.During this process there were different men and different type of cultural values that defined this creation. The hard men who love the breed , protect the breed by only using the best performers.  The owners who were more commercial and wanted to just breed the dogs and sell them to anyone have always been part of the destruction of all breeds, they called themselves breeders. Meaning they have dogs having sex and reproducing with no real merits, other than their pedigree, color or what ever reason they found to be fit or of their liking. This happen in modern times, with the so called Bullies. Till a few years they were consider a deformation of the APBT. In fact they are a deformation of the real Pitbull.  The standard on among the creators of the breed was always the best to the best and winning was what gave the dogs the right to be breed, in some cases showing deep gameness was all a real dogman would look in a dog. As the real dogmen wanted to have the best fighting dog, the dog that can win.  Nature took control, it was not something men understood at first. Just as in humans as we find the the greats weather is in movies or real life the best fighters have the best character, samples: Muhammad Ali, Rocky Balboa, Michael Jordan, Winston Churchill.  The greats have in common that will of never giving up and going the extra mile. Those men are also kind and humble, while still secure of themselves.  Well The Real Pitbull has that at a higher levels. They happen to be as Bob Stevens called them ” Dogs of Velvet and Steel ”  The dogmen found that the most nobel animals were those who were balance, nice with humans and great fighters. They had common characteristics. It was an Eureka moment that happened during years of observation, and measuring performance. Building bloodlines and finding qualities on the best animals. As the real dogmen craft the the fighting animals they also set rules to develop better dogs. Those rules include a Pit box to show match them. The very size of this pit gave the more athletic dogs the advantage and a never process  of selection happened.  The more athletic dogs started to win. The opposite look of a bully which in some cases could not even breath.  So after over 180 years of work and selection the real dogmen created the real APBT. A dog that is sounded , kind with all humans, with magical endurance, awesome athletic qualities and a nobel heart that creates passion among those who love relentlessness, a breve heart, a loyal friend, and one that will never back down. In fact what the roots of America is all about. No wonder in the birth of the awesome name: THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER.  That name PIT remind us that the greatness was worked hard and developed by conservative men.  I know for most liberals and snowlakes this may sound crazy, yet are only the facts. Nature does it too, it is a process where the weak dies, gets cull and the stronger gets to live and breed the next generations.  There are different levels and levels to these amazing things. We all fall in love with the idea of a PITBULLS, yet in fact 99% of people never really seen a real Pitbull. What they see is traces of the real pitbull on animals that have been deformed by society, breeders, registries with poor breed standards and judges that never seen a real APBT.

>This page is under construction, I ask your patience, it will be finished soon.<<<

2.What is real and what is not real?
fake pitbulls
This is not a real pit Bull. The breed started in the 1800, and up to 1985 you never seen these dogs . Xl, XXL, Saint and blues , use the Name PITBULL for clout

On this section I will work with a lots of pictures to illustrate , the different dogs that society think are pitbulls, and also what is real The REAL PITBULL.

3.What size is a real pitbull?

Real pitbulls are not breed for size, yet the size is still important.

Males  32 to 55 pounds condition are the ideal sizes

Females 32 to 44 pounds condition are the ideal sizes

4.Are there an XL or XXX pibulls?

Total bull crap, from society and the ignorant breeders , that make up their own ideas of what is a real pitbull.

Gigiant size?

Total none sense, you know them the breeder is just an ignorant person breeding to his ignorant our missed informed desires. In many case these men or women breeding those monsters are victims of not having a solid mentor or finding miss information. I almost became a bully guy by mistake.

Those dogs you see on youtube channels of 60, 70, 80, 120 plus pounds are NOT real Pitbulls, even if they have papers from a registry they are not pure as a breed, instead they are oversize mutts.  They are overweight animals and not even healthy and most cases,  the body sizes and structure are not functional, their character sometimes are nice, likable and loving, these are trace of the real APBT character, but they are unstable animals.
Since the breeding process has no standard and no control of quality, those type of dogs tend to be unbalance, that can snap and attach a person. The fact is the 100% so call pitbulls on the news attacking people around the world, are not made by the REAL APBT. All of those attacks are made by pitbull mix, pet hood breeders, back yard breeders, professional puppy peddlers and all kind of people in society doing breedings but the real dogman.

5.Miniture Pitbulls ?

It just don’t go.

6.Does a registration papers guaranty a real pitbull?

A registration is very important to know and study the history of a real pitbull, yet most of the dogs out there have papers and most of the dogs are of mediocre quality.
Why do I say that?
I been to over 56 cities around the world, been in kennel and yards from 10 to 800 dogs in one single place. Spoken to those who are influential on the breed in the past and today. Own and campaigned dogs all over the world, given breed seminars, judge dogs for clubs all over the world. I know the breed in ways breeders, registrations and owners can even start to imagine. Most dogs out there are the creation of a bad APBT culture and poor breeding practices. I can go for a long time on this topic , yet I will leave it for my books.

7. The Real Pitbull

The Real Pitbull is like a timeless piece of great history and the greatest quality. Think of those great things that means greatness, for a sample Race horse Secretariat, just like that, yet instead of one out of 1,000,000 horses, The Real Pitbull now is blessed with consistency.

Think of the finest things in life such of as a Ferrari or Bentley ! Just the finest things. A great history behind them , that is magical. Every generation is full of greatness one better than the next. The men behind The Real PitBulls are called Dogmen and those come in levels too.  This is maybe the most important part of the entire breed creation and survival. Why so?  Because the real Dogmen know the standards, selection and have the right vision. The most competitive 120 years race to create the perfection of a dog. No other breed has so much work, so much dedication and so much hard core competition to create The great. One that knows, and yourself once you get to know, will be familiar with greats such as Grand Champion Mayday, Champion HoneyBunch, Ch Redboy, Ch Awesome Buck, Gr Ch Siega The Great, Ch The Bagman, Ch Mechanic Buck, Awesome Mayday etc etc  These names will bring you the joy of knowing something special.

The Real Pitbull is an animal that is in the blinks of extermination. During my travels around the world, I discovered  several good and better than good breeders. However the main problem is that even at that level of good , most of them do not have a full understanding of how important is the quality of the man behind the dog. The person , the human, his character , honesty, etc.  Within the community of breeders I found huge gaps of quality control, and a corrupted  culture that do not allow them to grow into CONSISTENT success.

I discover that the men in the breed at all levers, pet level, street level, breeders level, club show people, hunters and doggers have a serious lack of not seen the big picture of the breed. The amounts of people pouring into the breed is incredible, yet the information is all wrong in many ways.  Those who have the more acceptable dogs are mainly criminals, hooligans, and have a sub culture where they think that being a criminal in life is an amplifier of quality of the dogs they own or breed.

I also discover an injection of new eager people discovering the breed and getting inline with the wrong ways of growth. The thug , cyber dogger ways I call them.

On my journey of the breed things never seen to be so clear. There were no real mentors that can show me the big picture as you are reading it here. More than that what I found were dogmen going against one another over petty stuff that styfle positive growth.

I am positive that no other man dead or alive has seen more yards, seen more quality American Pit Bull Terriers than I have.  That is just a  fact, I stay in continuous connection with the elite of the breed, and I have people at that level buying dogs from me.  And in addition to that , I also want the normal person, The good solid man with great character , who dreams with ever owning the real deal. I was one a young man from The Bronx NY, who wanted a dog that would represent his character, and personality. Honest  , hard worker, strong, daring , and to be respected.  I do believe that society do not need to breed the dogs, as the crazy cycle of breeding bad dogs will continue. Therefor, I sell my dogs under a contract where the buyer is buying as private stock. Not to share or trade, but to love and enjoy.

I do believe that The best People in the world deserve to own the purest most merited American Pit Bull Terrier.

To walk feeling proud that honest men for over 120 years have breed a pure American dog, from best to best and hold with pride and honor the mystic, the stories of the great warriors behind his dog. Knowing for sure that when he see on his wall the pictures of the ancestors of his best friend , the pedigree of his dog,  etc.  This to me as a young man in The Bronx that sense of security of ONLY THE BEST would have been all I ever wanted. I would have not gone on a quest for 20 years to discover and create my own bloodline of the purest more merited American Pit Bull Terrier. I gave my life , my time and I risk so much to finally create this.  Today I feel that I can share under the right structure my work with the best quality humans , men and women in the world. The summit of over 120 years or work from which the last 20 has been my years of hard work, enduring struggles, enduring hardships, hard travels and lots of hard work, selection among the very best of the real Pitbulls.

Here it is, I thank you for reading my page, it is your page, it is a legacy passed on to me by great men in the past, and pass on to you as an opportunity to own the greatest of all Real PitBulls Today, THE AWESOME BUCK DOGS ! Enjoy the page, I am not a master on building websites, or writing, I am just a real dogman. And here you will discover a dog that will over come the expectations that you ever had of a great dog, only for those who want ONLY THE BEST !

At the end in conclusion

There is only one REAL PITBULL of great quality. There are many levels and are mainly made by the lack of quality and excellence.

The Bully , American Bully, Blue nose dogs, gator mouth dogs, American Pits,  are all not real Pitbulls, or very low quality interpretations of What the real deal is.  The Real Pitbulls also come in levels and is all measured by quality of performance, under the real dogmen standards.  I made this website with these information , to save those men and women that like me always wanted the best.  People that could not find accurate information in books, websites or from missed informed ” Breed professionals “.

This picture bellow show a well know magazine showing what is know as a blue pitbull , as a representation of the breed , a cover dog. It is a shame how many ignorant people are in this world , when it comes to the real APBT.  Them again even on the game side of the breed the magazines work to sell units and if that means  feeding bs to the masses , then they do that. One of the main reasons why I don’t like to work with magazines. The core of the editors just don’t line up with the real apbt values and principals.  Again that dog can have 20 registries behind him, and 7 billion people calling him a pitbull. He is not of quality, and is because the poor selection.  Not one real dogman in the 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 2000 would take that dog as a real american pit bull terrier , regardless of what magazine says or thinks.

The best knowledgable people in any breed, are those who created the breeds, The dogmen.

A Shame a fake pitbull presented as an American Pit Bull Terrier. I ran and add of AWESOME BUCK.

This bellow is not a Pitbull , for many years was growing under the name of a pitbull, in fact them was the rejection of real professional and the attraction of the masses. As the popularity had grown so much, the registrations realized they had a monster inside their books and was just convenience to call it a new breed.  Register all the new dogs.  Assuming that it is a breed, them is a breed that came from the deformation, of the real APBT, no real function, and the poor selection made by ignorant breeders. Where there is money, there is TV, and always someone that can make a dollar.  They are here and they maybe here for some time. It will take decades for people like you reading my website , sharing it and educating the new generations, that this type of dog, has no merits that have any weight. No real heritage, and not sporting capacity that can give them a unique advantage pound per pound at any level.

The American Pit Bull TERRIER.   The process of deformation is on the name it self.

American Pit Bull Terrier.
1. American = The hard men who created were from America
2. Pit = Where it was selected
3. Bull = Cause the I cliente of the old English Bulldog , for body power muscle mass
4. Terrier = The magical part that brings GAMENESS to the table

Now take the dogman the 3.Pit out and take the the 4. terrier GAMENESS
And let 1. American modern snowflakes and you have
The American Bully ( The bully is like in any bully , a lost a presence , but no heart )


Your friend Chico Lopez

Why the APBT is a Great Choice for Dog Owners

When it comes to choosing a dog breed, there are plenty of options available. From popular breeds like the Labrador Retriever to trendy ones like French Bulldogs, there’s no shortage of choices. But for those who are looking for a loyal and loving companion that also has a rich history and unique set of qualities, there’s one breed that stands out above the rest: the American Pit Bull Terrier, also known as the real pit bull.

Despite the negative stereotypes that surround this breed, real pit bulls are actually one of the most loving and loyal dogs around. They were originally bred for bull-baiting and dog fighting, but those practices have long been outlawed and responsible breeders now focus on producing dogs with great temperaments and athleticism.

Here are some real pit bull facts that show why the APBT is such a great choice for dog owners:

  1. Loyal and Loving: Real pit bulls are known for their unwavering loyalty and love for their owners. They will do anything to protect their family and will always be by your side through thick and thin.

  2. Great with Kids: Contrary to popular belief, real pit bulls are excellent with children. They are gentle and patient, making them great family pets.

  3. Athletic and Agile: Real pit bulls are incredibly athletic and agile, making them perfect for a variety of sports and activities such as agility, flyball, and weight pulling.

  4. Easy to Train: Real pit bulls are highly intelligent and eager to please, which makes them easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement and can learn a wide range of commands and tricks.

  5. Healthy and Hardy: Real pit bulls are generally healthy and hardy dogs. They have a strong immune system and are not prone to many of the health problems that plague other breeds.

  6. Versatile: Real pit bulls are incredibly versatile dogs. They make great companions, but they can also be trained as service dogs, search and rescue dogs, and even therapy dogs.

  7. A Rich History: Real pit bulls have a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. They were originally bred for bull-baiting and dog fighting, but over time, they became popular family pets.

  8. Unique Appearance: Real pit bulls have a unique appearance that sets them apart from other breeds. They are muscular and stocky with a short, shiny coat.

  9. Strong Work Ethic: Real pit bulls have a strong work ethic and love to have a job to do. They thrive on mental and physical stimulation and will be at their best when they have a purpose.

  10. Great Companions: Real pit bulls are wonderful companions. They are affectionate, playful, and love to be around people. They are the perfect choice for someone looking for a loyal and loving companion.

While there are plenty of other breeds to choose from, the real pit bull stands out for its unique set of qualities and rich history. With their unwavering loyalty, gentle nature, and athleticism, real pit bulls make excellent pets for families, athletes, and anyone looking for a loving and loyal companion.

So if you’re in the market for a new dog and want a breed that will be a faithful companion for years to come, consider the American Pit Bull Terrier. With their unique set of qualities and rich history, real pit bulls are a great choice for dog owners of all kinds.


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